KBS coatings frame coater kit, rust prevention, rust protection

KBS Coatings Ultimate Frame Coater Kit for Inside-Out Rust Protection

The KBS Coatings Ultimate Frame Coater Kit provides everything needed for ultimate inside-out rust protection for auto frames, autobody’s and more. KBS coatings frame coater kit, rust prevention, rust protectionThe easy-to-use DIY kit employs the KBS 3-Step System combined with KBS Cavity Coater to prepare and coat up to 50 square feet of metal.

KBS Klean, a non-toxic and biodegradable super cleaner removes dirt, grease, grime, and other contaminants. Next, water based and biodegradable RustBlast effectively dissolves rust and corrosion while etching metal for best adhesion of KBS RustSeal. RustBlast also leaves a zinc phosphate coating to stop flash rust from forming. The third step is RustSeal, a rust inhibitive and preventative paint that’s applied by brush, roller, or spray gun.

RustSeal chemically bonds to metal, including rusted metal, to isolate it from moisture and oxygen. Without those present metal can’t rust. RustSeal comes in 11 colors and flows out to provide a beautiful, smooth finish that resembles a powder coat. RustSeal provides a flexible, yet rock-hard barrier that’s extremely resistant to abrasion and impact. So, it won’t crack chip, or peel.

KBS coatings frame coater kit, rust prevention, rust protection

For ultimate protection KBS Cavity Coater Aerosol provides rust protection in hard-to-reach areas. Such as inside frame rails, rocker panels, doors, tailgates and more. Cavity Coater, a self-healing corrosion inhibiting coating (CIC), provides long term protection and wicks into welds and seams that primers and top coats can’t reach. For especially hard to-reach-areas the KBS Cavity Wand is provided to extend the reach of aerosol Cavity Coater with a reusable 48” hose featuring a 360-degree spray tip.

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