FiTech Stainless Steel Fuel Line Kit

FiTech Stainless Steel Fuel Line Kits: Everything You Need to Deliver Fuel from Tank to Engine

FiTech LogoGet the fuel from the tank to your carburetor or EFI system with a FiTech Stainless Steel Fuel Line Kit. The kits have everything you need to plumb a reliable fuel line—stainless steel braided hose fittings, a fuel filter, and an inline check valve to prevent fuel backflow and maintain consistent fuel pressure.

The PTFE-lined hose can handle pump gas, methanol, ethanol, or alcohol. The lining is also anti-static to minimize the risk of static electricity buildup and potential hazards. You even get a choice of natural- or black-finish hose to match the rest of your vehicle’s plumbing.

The fuel filter has a reusable magnetic metal mesh filter element that filters out contaminants down to 10 microns. It has an aluminum housing and two -6AN fittings. The inline check valve prevents fuel backflow and maintains consistent fuel pressure for reliable and stable fuel system operation.

The kits also include three 45°, three 90°, and six straight -6AN aluminum fittings with a black anodized finish.

FiTech Stainless Steel Fuel Line Kits are available with 20 or 40 feet of fuel line. Visit for more information.