KBS Coatings Cavity Coater, inside frame rail rust coating

KBS Coatings Cavity Coater Protects Against Rust in Hard-to-Reach Areas

KBS Coatings Cavity Coater is the perfect solution for providing rust protection in hard-to-reach areas. KBS Coatings Cavity Coater, inside frame rail rust coatingCavity Coater is a single step, super-penetrating corrosion inhibiting coating (CIC) designed for long term protection of all metal surfaces. It provides a self-healing film tested to render more than four thousand hours of salt spray protection; over 4 times the protection of conventional cavity waxes.

Cavity Coater can be used to protect the inside of frame rails, rocker panels, fenders, quarter panels, doors, tailgates, windshield cowls, posts, and more. It wicks into welds and seams that primers and topcoats can’t reach and resists road salt, alkaline solutions, and chemicals. For especially hard to-reach-areas the Cavity Wand is offered to extend the reach of aerosol Cavity Coater with a reusable 48” hose that features a 360-degree spray tip. The Cavity Wand requires only a 1/8” hole to insert and is easily cleaned.

Cavity Coater is available in quart, gallon, and aerosol versions. For more information visit www.kbs-coatings.com.