keith hill 1933 ford federale 3-window coupe

Keith Hill’s “Federale Coupe” – No badges Needed! | Fuel Curve

Keith Hill’s “Federale Coupe”, a raked and righteous ’33 Ford 3-Window by Pinkee’s Rod Shop is a throwback hot rod with hints of Bonneville as well as dirt track racers of bygone eras.

Inspired by the Federale coupe of Jim Jacobs, Jim Ewing, and Tom Prufer – it looks right at home on the famed Indiana State Fairgrounds dirt. The 4-inch chop, laid back windshield, kicked-up frame, and classic Halibrand inspired bigs & littles offers a stance the late Jim Ewing would envy. The heavily massaged ’37 Ford truck grille and inner fender panels finish off the aesthetics.

The power train is all muscle with a Stromberg induced 354 c.i. Chrysler Hemi mated to a Tremec 5-speed and Winter’s Quick Change rear end.  Steering the car takes Popeye forearms. A classic Schroeder box is linked to handmade steering arms and a Dago dropped axle. Early Ford spindles are enhanced by Pinkee’s own backing plates housing ’40 Lincoln drum brakes.

Inside the cockpit is hot rod brown leather and German square weave carpet by Sid Chavers. The instrument panel, shifter knob and countless custom machined panels and knobs were all made from scratch under the watchful eye of Eric Peratt.

The custom mix PPG color by Mark Warrick runs somewhere between oxblood, burgundy, and maroon. Hill candidly calls it Cherry Cola. It’s perfect!

This is a serious hot rod, folks, one Hill had in his mind for over a decade then brought to life by the skilled minds and hands of Peratt and the Pinkee’s team. “This car and its creation were a journey like nothing I’ve ever experienced,” said Hill. “To have a vision and see it come to life better than you ever expected leaves me at a loss for words. It speaks to my soul. I deeply appreciate the work of the craftsmen who were able to deliver my vision of a classic hot rod.”

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