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Ford 302 Engine Parts Combos Now Available at Summit Racing Equipment

Pat Topolinski and Frankie Forman from PowerNation TV’s Engine Power were rummaging through the shop and found some dusty small block Ford engines and various used parts. They gathered it all up, picked the best of the bunch, and got some new parts to build a fuel-injected Ford 302 that made a very respectable 391 peak horsepower and 354 lbs.-ft. of torque.

Check out the build and dyno testing at PowerNation TV and the parts in our Engine Power High Tech Ford 302 Engine Parts Combos. You’ll be glad you did.

Short Block Parts Combo

Ford 302, 302 ford crate engine, 302 sbf, small block fordThe short block is based on a fully machined Ford 302 block bored .060 inch over. Engine Power built the rotating assembly using a stock cast crankshaft, Summit Racing hypereutectic pistons, Total Seal gapless piston rings, and a set of Eagle Specialties I-beam connecting rods.

The camshaft is a COMP Cams Xtreme EFI hydraulic roller rated at 236°/248° duration @.050 inch and .579 inches of valve lift on both the intake and exhaust side. Lobe separation is 114°. The cam was degreed and set five degrees advanced for good street manners. The COMP Cams double roller timing set has a nine-keyway crank sprocket that allows adjustment in two-degree increments.

The oiling system features a Ford Performance Parts oil pan kit for a Fox-Body Mustang. The oil pump is a Melling standard volume/standard pressure unit. Other parts to complete the short block include Clevite main and rod bearings, a Summit Racing SFI Bracket Racer balancer, a Fel-Pro oil pan gasket, and a Fel-Pro rear main seal.

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Top End Parts Combo

The cylinder heads of choice are Edelbrock Performer RPMs. The aluminum heads have 170cc intake runners, 60cc exhaust runners, and 60cc combustion chambers with 1.900 inch intake and 1.600 inch exhaust stainless steel valves. The heads have dual valve springs designed to work with cams up to .575 inches of valve lift. Cometic MLS head gaskets with .027 inch compressed thickness help create a 9.76:1 compression ratio, perfect for pump gas.

The Performer RPM heads got a set of 1.6 ratio Proform aluminum roller rocker arms with full needle-bearing fulcrums and roller tips to reduce valvetrain friction and valve stem tip wear. A set of COMP Cams Pro Magnum retrofit roller lifters and 6.250 inch Hi-Tech pushrods finish off the valvetrain.

A Holley induction and engine management system put the tech in High Tech. The Hi-Ram multi-port EFI intake manifold looks all sorts of bad and helps make power through 7,000 RPM. It’s fitted with a Holley Sniper 102mm throttle body and Holley 42 lb.-hr. fuel injectors. A Holley Terminator X engine management system keeps everything running flawlessly.

The MSD Dual-Sync distributor is designed for use with Holley EFI systems or other systems requiring a Hall Effect sensor. MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor ignition wires conduct spark to the plugs.

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ARP Fasteners Parts Combo

Engine Power swears by ARP fasteners, and rightly so. The Ford 302 was fitted with High Performance Series main bolts; stainless steel cylinder head bolts are designed for with the Edelbrock Performer heads; engine accessory bolt kit with polished stainless steel fasteners; and a flywheel bolt kit and balancer bolt. Engine Power also used an ARP oil pump shaft and an ARP oil pump primer to get oil to the valvetrain before firing the engine for the first time.

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Completer Parts Combo

Engine Power used a Frostbite electric water pump rated at 32 gallons per minute to keep the Ford 302 running cool. A pair of Spectre polished die-cast valve covers with Moroso breathers look good and give crankcase pressure a way to escape. Red Line 10W-30 synthetic oil has high amounts of ZDDP and detergent to reduce power-robbing friction and wear as well as keeping the inside of your engine clean.

This combo also includes Fel-Pro intake manifold, header, valve cover, and water neck gaskets; a Summit Racing mechanical fuel pump blockoff plate; a spiffy Ford Performance Parts chrome engine oil dipstick; and Dupli-Color Ford Blue engine paint to properly dress the engine block.

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