Vintage Air EZ Line Clip, vintage air ac hose kit

Vintage Air EZ Clip Fittings and Hose Kit

Installing a new A/C system is one of the best upgrades you can do to your cruiser and thanks to the well-engineered systems from the aftermarket, it’s a project that can be done in your garage. In the past, the one thing that you may need assistance with is crimping the hose fittings, but thanks to Vintage Air and their EZ Clip Hoses and Fittings, you can complete the job yourself.

The unique EZ Clip fittings are easy to make and use a smaller diameter hose that is also very flexible allowing for improved routing and fitment. Each fitting connection is made with a cage and two cage clips designed to grasp and hold the hose on the fitting while crimping evenly around the tubing to create a secure seal. Vintage Air offers a full complement of fittings or a Hose and Fitting Kit providing everything you’ll need to complete your new A/C system.

Vintage Air EZ Line Clip, vintage air ac hose kit, EZ clip