turn one electric power steering

Turn One Universal Electric Power Steering Kit

Turn One’s universal Electric Power Steering Kit is the easiest way to add power steering assist to your classic vehicle with manual steering. The kit is designed with ease and flexibility in mind and allows for various configurations and mounting options to best suit the individual needs of the customer or shop.

The Turn One column-assist power unit can mount anywhere along the vehicle’s steering column between the steering wheel and steering gear unit. The EPS does not replace you vehicle’s steering gear, but simply adds power assist to the driver’s steering input, making the driving experience easier and more relaxing!

The EPS kit includes:

  • Power unit with integrated control module
  • Wiring harness
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • Straight input coupler
  • Customer’s choice of output u-joint (currently 3 options to choose from)

There are several key highlights of the EPS kit:

  • Turn One’s electric power steering power unit is an OEM-backed EPS unit, which means it has already been installed in millions of vehicles around the world and rigorously proven as a reliable EPS solution.
  • Wiring is made incredibly simple, with the power unit running directly off leads from the vehicle’s 12 volt battery. The wiring harness comes pre-installed with the correct connection ports to the control module. The power switch can be wired to the vehicle’s ignition or to an independent power switch.
  • The electronic control module is completely integrated to the power unit, simplifying wiring and setup needs. The entire power unit is compact and can be mounted at any angle. (Some mounting angles are recommended for engine bay installations)
  • The universal mounting bracket is included as a platform to fabricate custom mounts, or can even be used as a design template to do a fully custom mounting bracket.
  • Input and output column couplers are included to make installation even easier. For the input, a 3/4” straight coupler is used. For the output, the customer can choose between 3/4” smooth, 3/4” DD or 1” DD universal joint options.

Accessories that will be available in the future:

  • Multi-select control knob for on-the-fly changes to steering assist level
  • Additional coupler and mounting bracket options