Proform transmission cooler

Tundra Series Remote Mount Transmission/Oil Cooler from Proform

If you partake in high-speed driving, off-roading, racing, pulling heavy loads, or if you just need some extra cooling to work in conjunction with your current setup, then PROFORM’s new Tundra Series Remote Mount Oil Cooler is ideal for your performance ride, hot rod, muscle car, or even trucks towing light to medium loads.

The Tundra Series stacked plate – fin design oil cooler is just plain cool, both in looks and total efficiency over the tube and fin style of old. Despite the compact design, these coolers have a 21,000 BTU efficiency, made possible with a proprietary fin louver engineered to minimize negative air resistance, while maximizing the surface area for air to cool the liquid inside. The condensed footprint allows for installation configurations into a greater variety of tight spaces.

The cooler’s factory installed high-powered 7-inch fan pulls a stout 285 CFM of air, allowing the required cooling capacity required for remote mounting, even underneath the vehicle. The fan wiring includes a bi-metal temperature switch that turns on the fan when fluid temperatures reach a specified degree range. Installation takes only a few hours with minimal mechanical ability utilizing four mount points.

Tundra Series Coolers can withstand a beating too! This is due to PROFORM’s state-of-the-art brazing process which transforms the coolers into a single unified piece of aluminum. This substantial added durability doesn’t crack or deform at 175 psi pressure or bubble or leak at 80 psi under water. Finally, they get coated with a black finish to help withstand corrosion. It can be used as a standalone cooler or with the existing OEM cooler. It also works for other fluids too including engine oil, differential oil, and power steering fluid. Guard against excessive overheating, AND effectively cool with a compact footprint with Tundra Series Remote Mount Oil Coolers!

Proform remote transmission oil cooler

Tundra Series Oil Cooler Features:

  • Tundra Series 13-Row Universal Plate & Fin Oil Cooler Design
  • Compact & Durable; Great Solution for Remote Mounting
  • Pre-Installed, 7-Inch, 285 CFM, 12-V Mini-Fan; 6-AMP Draw
  • Great for Tow Vehicles
  • Use for Vehicle Fluids Including: Engine Oil, Rear Differential Fluid, or Power Steering Fluid
  • State-of-the-Art Brazing Process = Increased Durability

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