Fuel Curve’s Top 10 New Products in 2021

To kick off our 2021 countdowns were showcasing the Top 10 New Products that got the most page views on FuelCurve.com during the 2021 season. We dug through our website analytics to create this list based off what you, the readers, clicked on to check out.

From the looks of this list (and to not much surprise) the classic truck market is still continuing to grow and expand with new parts and pieces coming from the manufactures almost weekly it seems. Based off our list, the C10 market still holding the lion’s share of that growth. But as more products for F100’s, Bronco’s, OBS, and even the 1999-2007 NBS (new body style) GM pickups hit the market, we’re anticipating a bump in popularity in these classic trucks in the coming years.

In total during the 2021 year we featured over 100 new parts and performance products on Fuel Curve ranging from local small businesses to some of the leaders in the automotive aftermarket industry. If you want to see more, hit the Parts and Performance tab in the navigation bar or use the search bar to find parts for your ride.

#10 – Aldan American’s F100 Crown Vic Coilover Kit

If you’re running a 1965-79 Ford F100 and have or are looking to run a Crown Vic front swap with coilovers, Aldan American has the parts for you! The Crown Vic from 2003-11 came with a complete IFS front clip that works perfect on the classic Ford F100 pickups. The only problem is that these IFS setups run a traditional style coil springs with basic over the counter, dead shocks.

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Aldan American, F100, crown vic, crown vic coilover, Ford F100 coilover

#9 – Bowler Performance’s C10 Clutch Pedal Conversion

Bowler Performance’s new hydraulic clutch pedal conversion for the 1973-87 Squarebody GM trucks allows anyone with an automatic transmission pedal assembly to easily add a clutch pedal for a manual transmission conversion. The clutch pedal arrangement is based on the 1985-87 light truck hydraulic pedal assembly with the ability to utilize the OE clutch master cylinder or Bowler’s aftermarket hydraulic master cylinder.

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bowler performance squarebody clutch pedal

#8 – Tremec’s TXK 5-speed Transmission

Late in 2020, TREMEC introduced their all new TKX five-speed to the performance world. This was their first transmission developed and aimed directly at the performance aftermarket rather than an OEM, and it shows. The case is noticeably sleeker for improved fitment, especially in older vehicles. Plus, the internals were redesigned to hold even more torque capacity! Getting a huge OEM supplier like TREMEC to listen to what a bunch of hot rodders have to say is rare these days, but according to Mike Kidd, their aftermarket business manager, “we listened to our customers, combined their suggestions with our OEM technology, and strengthened our aftermarket lineup with the all new TKX.”

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TREMEC TKX 5 speed, tremec transmission

#7 – TCI Engineering’s 1967-72 C10 Chassis

These brand-new 1967-72 C10 frames from TCI Engineering include all new front and rear suspension – simply take off the cab and bed of your truck and set it on our chassis and you’re done! The frame itself is laser cut and jig welded for the utmost precision and strength. In the front TCI widened the frame to allow more room for headers and steering components. In the rear they narrowed the frame to allow for outboard mounted shocks and wider tires. All TCI products come with two warranties – the first is a six year, 60,000-mile warranty on wear and tear items such as bushings, coil overs and ball joints. The second is any items built in-house such as link bars, control arms, spindles, cross members, etc. come with a lifetime warranty!

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TCI C10 chassis, 1967-1972 c10 chassis

#6 – Bolt-In Front Coil Over System for 1999-2006 Silverado from QA1

The new QA1 bolt-in front coil over system for the 2WD 1999-2006 Silverado 1500 allow for the perfect lowered stance while providing optimal performance in an easy to install package. QA1 coil-over shocks are a great option for anyone looking for fully adjustable ride height and valving control. This bolt-in system is easy to install and provides significant performance improvements. Available in single adjustable or double adjustable.

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#5 – Borgeson Quick Ratio C10 Steering Box Upgrade

This all new C10 steering box from Borgeson has a turning ratio of 12.7:1 versus the stock ratio of 17:1 – this means your truck will turn lock-to-lock with just three turns of the wheel (factory power steering is 4+ turns). The new steering box is a direct bolt-in replacement for 2WD 1967-87 C10s (they have a different model for 1963-66 owners) and the installation can be handled with hand tools, except the need of a pitman arm pulling tool which can be rented at most parts stores. The quick ratio of the Borgeson unit is a huge improvement, especially at slow speeds and around the neighborhood, but you’ll be surprised at just how much it changes the overall driving experience.

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Borgeson C10 Steering Box

#4 – Hot Rod Innovations Hideaway Headlight Kit and Grill for 1969-72 C10 Trucks

Do you want to install a 1967-68 C10 grill and headlights in your 1969-72 C10 truck, without swapping out the entire front clip? With the HRI C10 grille insert now everyone can have the look of the 1967-68 front end. The kit uses a new sheet metal grille unit with a separate perforated backer and real USA-made billet aluminum trim. It’s also too bad Chevrolet never offered hideaway headlights on their trucks like the first-generation Camaro RS…but could you imagine if they did? The brains at Hot Rod Innovations could, and they set about making it into reality.

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#3 – BluePrint Engines 383 Crate Engines

If you’re in the market for a 383 small block Chevy stroker motor, you can’t go wrong a BluePrint 383 crate engine. They’re available in three levels – long block, carbureted, and fuel injected. And because BluePrint engineers never sleep, these 383s get brand new engine blocks. Each crate engine has 80% brand new parts made directly by them or sourced from reputable companies. The BluePrint factory now has raw block castings coming in at one end, and complete dyno-tested engines coming out the other. That means you get a better engine for less money than you would build one yourself.

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BluePrint engine, blue pring engine, 383 stroker, 383 crate engine

#2 – Vintage Air A/C System for 1973-79 Ford F100’s and 1978-79 Bronco’s

This new Vintage Air system is available as both a Complete Kit as well as an Evaporator Kit and installs with minimal modifications to the original firewall. The 1973-79 Ford F100 pickup truck has amassed quite a following of classic truck enthusiasts, particularly in recent years. The Vintage Air Gen IV SureFit air conditioning system makes adding modern climate control to these classic trucks a breeze, and it fits all variations of 1973-79 Ford F100, F150, and F250, as well as the 1978–79 Bronco’s.

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1978 bronco ac, 1979 bronco, ford f100 ac, vintage air, bronco air conditioning

#1 – Turn One Universal Electric Power Steering Kit

Turn One’s universal Electric Power Steering Kit is the easiest way to add power steering assist to your classic vehicle with manual steering. The kit is designed with ease and flexibility in mind and allows for various configurations and mounting options to best suit the individual needs of the customer or shop. The Turn One column-assist power unit can mount anywhere along the vehicle’s steering column between the steering wheel and steering gear unit. The EPS does not replace your vehicle’s steering gear, but simply adds power assist to the driver’s steering input, making the driving experience easier and more relaxing!

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turn one electric power steering

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