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BluePrint Engines 383 Crate Engines: Better Blocks Make Better Engines

If you’re in the market for a 383ci small block Chevy stroker motor, you can’t go wrong with one of these BluePrint Engines 383 crate engines. They’re available in three levels of build – long block, carbureted, and fuel injected. And because BluePrint engineers never sleep, these 383s get brand new engine blocks.

blueprint engines, blue print engines, 383 stroker, 383 crate engine, small block chevyBig deal, you say? Indeed it is. The days of finding good used blocks in salvage yards are long gone. That makes them hard to find and expensive when you do. BluePrint faced the same problem, so they invested $5,000,000 to engineer, cast, and machine brand new, 100% USA-made Gen I small Chevy engine blocks. That means each BluePrint crate engine has a block that’s dimensionally accurate.

Here’s another BluePrint Engines factoid: each crate engine has 80% brand new parts made by directly by them or sourced from reputable companies. The BluePrint factory now has raw block castings coming in at one end and complete, dyno-tested crate engines coming out the other. That means you get a better engine for less money than you building one yourself.

BluePrint guarantees the base long block and carbureted 383s will make 436hp and 455 lbs.-ft. of torque when tuned to its recommended specifications. The EFI 383 is rated at 438hpand 443 lbs.-ft. of torque. Whichever engine you choose, you’ll get the dyno sheet to prove it makes what BluePrint says it will—and oftentimes, even more.

We should also mention that BluePrint backs each engine with a 30 month/50,000 mile limited warranty. That’s some serious peace of mind.

All three BluePrint 383/436 HP crate engines are based on a long block with these components:

• BluePrint cast iron blocks with four-bolt mains
• BluePrint cast steel crankshaft, 3.750” stroke
• OEM-style connecting rods with 150,000 PSI-rated bolts
• Hypereutectic cast pistons, 10:1 compression ratio with 64cc combustion chambers.
• Hydraulic roller camshaft, .528”/.536” lift, 221°/226° duration @.050”, 110° lobe separation
• BluePrint Muscle Series aluminum heads with 195cc/75cc runners, 64cc combustion chambers, 1.437” dual valve springs, and 1.6 ratio roller rocker arms
• Melling oil pump, pickup, and steel oil pan
• Double roller timing chain set
• Chrome steel valve covers and timing cover

Like carburetors? You can get your BluePrint 383 with a 750 CFM Holley vacuum secondary carburetor on aluminum dual plane intake manifold, plus an HEI distributor.

If you want EFI, BluePrint makes a 383 with a Holley Sniper self-tuning throttle body system on a dual plane intake manifold. The EFI system comes with the ECU, handheld controller, and wiring harness – check out the specifications. This engine also comes with an HEI distributor.

About That Dyno Sheet

As we mentioned, each BluePrint crate engine comes with a dyno test sheet that shows how much power the engine makes; it’s a service that other crate engine manufacturers charge extra for.

BluePrint recommends using these parts and tuning specifications:

Champion Racing Spark Plugs with .045″ gap
BluePrint Harmonic Balancer
• Flexplate/Flywheel: late 350 external balance
• Recommended Torque Converter Stall Speed: 2,000-2,400 RPM
• Fuel Recommendation: 91 octane
• Timing: 10-16° initial, 32-34° total