hot rod innovations, 67-68 c10 grill, hideaway headlights

1969-72 C10 Hideaway Headlight Kit and Grille from Hot Rod Innovations

Hot Rod Innovations (HRI) is thrilled to announce the introduction of their new bolt in hideaway headlight and grille kit for the 1969-72 GM truck and blazer lines. These HRI kits are complete with all new components, hardware, and templates needed for an easy installation.

hot rod innovations, 67-68 c10 grill, hideaway headlights
hot rod innovations, 67-68 c10 grill, hideaway headlights

One of the biggest downsides Chevrolet did was follow-up the awesome 1967-68 C10 grille design with a grille that is less desirable for the 1969-72 C10 models. Even worse, Chevrolet redesigned the hood and core support so you can’t just bolt-in the better-looking 67-68 grille. For the past 50 years the only choice was to keep the 69-72 grille, or swap over the entire front clip from a 67-68 truck.

Until now. With the HRI C10 grille insert now everyone can have the look of the 67-68 front end. The kit uses a new sheet metal grille unit with a separate perforated backer and real honest-to-goodness USA-made billet aluminum trim.

What Chevrolet did do right in the later part of the 60’s was the hideaway headlights included on the first-generation Camaro RS. Too bad they never offered them on their trucks…but could you imagine if they did? The brains at Hot Rod Innovations could, and they set about making it into reality.

The HRI Hideaway Headlight Kit for 1969-72 C10 comes with everything you need, including:
• 12V headlight buckets
• Headlight doors with motors
• Sheet metal pans to mount the headlight bucket assemblies
• Billet aluminum trim
• Stainless steel hardware
• Mounting templates
• Complete plug-and-play wiring harness with control box
• 100% made in the USA

Hot Rod Innovations also offers the 1967-68 grille in a non-hideaway headlight version that utilizes all the factory mounting hardware.