The Original SquareTank, square tank

Airbag Suspension Changes Again With The Original SquareTank

For years, airbag setups used an uninspiring cylinder for an air tank and then had to build their plumbing and wiring around that obstacle. With the introduction of The Original SquareTank, that’s no longer a problem. Now the tank is the focus of the install. And it’s beautiful.

Let’s start with the square billet endcaps, just part of the show-stopping experience. There are a total of six 3/8-inch NPT ports, two 1/8-inch NPT ports and two 1/8-inch dump ports spread between the pair, giving the user multiple plumbing configurations. They also contain mounting points that allow users to bolt The Original SquareTank such that all the ports are visible for a tricky looking install or hide them all away for a completely stealth appearance.

The endcaps sandwich a tank body that’s not only amazing to look at, but powerful, as well. This composite tube is rated to hold over 200 PSI, which means they’re up to any of the demanding tasks that an airbag installer or user may want.

Tying everything together are four connecting rods that sandwich the composite body and the endcaps. The ends of the rods are flush mounted into the endcaps themselves, making for an even cleaner look.

Although the raw surface of The Original SquareTank is beautiful on its own, customers can opt for a couple Cerakote finishes, Tungsten or Jet Black. These are available for each component — endcaps, connecting rods and tank — with the addition of a show polish option for the endcaps and connecting rods. That means there are over 196 different finish possibilities for The Original SquareTank right from the manufacturer, and even more if customers decide to paint or wrap their composite tubes themselves.

The Original SquareTank is available in both a 20-inch long 3-gallon version, or 30-inch long 5-gallon. Prices start at $255 for a raw finish 3-gallon model and go up to $445 for a completely custom finished 5-gallon Original SquareTank.

Your air setup deserves a better tank. Make it The Original SquareTank.