summit racing LS turbo manifold

Plumb Your LS Turbo Setup with a Summit Racing Pro LS Turbo Manifold

LS engines and turbochargers go together like toddlers and binkies. A Summit Racing Pro LS Turbo Manifold will make it simple to bolt a turbo to your LS. Cast from 304 stainless steel, the manifold has a ‘divided log’ design with two mounts for 44mm or 45mm wastegates like these Summit Racing Wastegates. summit racing turbo manifoldThis design allows each wastegate to handle just one bank of cylinders to equalize exhaust flow and take the stress off the driver’s side cylinders. The manifold has a T4-style turbo flange, but adapters are available for turbos with a V-band inlet flange.

The Summit Racing Pro LS Turbo Manifold fits on the passenger side of the engine. It will clear the valve cover and coil wires, provides plenty of spark plug access, and is compatible with all LS engine exhaust port configurations.