Golden Star Squarebody Doors

1977-87 Squarebody Doors from Golden Star Classic Auto Parts

Over the years the original doors on classic vehicles gets rusty, dented, cracked, scratched or gouged. Many parts, especially on classic vehicles, take the most beating from rain, road salt, dirt, debris, and time languishing abandoned that eventually cause some areas to completely rust through.

Golden Star Auto has designed a quality door shell for your 1977-87 Squarebody Pickup at the price you want! When restoring your classic truck there’s nothing worse than poorly fitting sheet metal replacement panels, and that’s why Golden Star prides themselves on producing quality panels that fit better than most out of the box. You will spend less time massaging the fitment of these doors, and more time tackling that next item on your “to do” list.

Check out this informative installation tech article on these 1977-87 Squarebody Truck Doors by Classic Truck Performance HERE.

And for more information, or to order, visit Search PN DO16-77R for passenger side door and DO16-77L for driver side door.