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Oil Systems for Restomods & Engine Swaps from AVIAID

Putting a new engine in an older car or truck, or installing a new front clip, can often present lubrication issues—particularly if it’s a front-sump Ford engine. Chances are that Aviaid, the company that’s been building oil systems since 1961, can provide an elegant solution to the problems at hand.

Aviaid manufactures a comprehensive assortment of wet sump and dry sump oil pumps, oil pans, tanks and accessories — not to mention over 40 dedicated and universal mounting brackets and pump drives. Systems are available for Chevy LS/LT, big & small block, Chrysler Gen III Hemi, Viper V-10, 426 Hemi and wedge engines, Ford modular & Coyote, Windsor, Cleveland, FE and 385-style (460) plus Sport Compacts (Honda/Acura, Nissan, Toyota and Subaru).

Among the many clearance solutions offered by Aviaid are extra low profile billet aluminum pans for LS, Coyote and Mopar applications. And in addition to its popular Series 1 pump, Aviaid also manufactures a compact Series 2 pump that’s perfect for tight quarters.

The company prides itself on its ability to lubricate the unusual—from the 462 mph “Speed Demon” streamliner to turbocharged diesel tractor pullers. Street machines are easy! For personalized technical assistance call 818-998-8991 or visit www.Aviaid.com. All products are proudly manufactured in the USA.