JRi Shocks

JRi Shocks Releases Next Generation Ride Height System

JRi ShocksJRi Shocks is pleased to introduce the next generation Ride Height System, which raises and lowers the vehicle with the push of a button.

Unlike traditional air ride systems, the JRi Shocks Ride Height System uses a hydraulic pump with no air. This means no noisy compressor or leaky seals, and no variances with temperature or elevation changes. The JRi Shocks Ride Height System pairs with non-, single- and double-adjustable shocks, adding hydraulic adjustability to shock-stiffness adjustability already available with the three shock options. 1”-5” of height adjustability is available depending on shock length and suspension type.

The next generation model includes simplified plumbing with stainless steel flexlines, and a new balancing manifold on the pump, which raises and lowers the front and rear evenly.

The JRi Shocks Ride Height System includes four (4) shocks, the pump assembly and oil. One axle (two shock) kits are also available for the front or rear.