Heatshield Products, Lava Master Cylinder Heat Shield

Cooler Fluid and Improved Braking for GM Master Cylinders with Lava Master Cylinder Heat Shield

Classic GM cast-iron master cylinders can see improved braking performance and reliability with Lava Master Cylinder Heat Shield from Heatshield Products.

The master cylinder in these cars is extremely susceptible to heat due to its close proximity to exhaust manifolds and headers and also from the thermal conductivity and heat-holding properties of cast iron. That heat is transferred to fluid in the reservoir, elevating brake fluid to unsafe temperatures. When brake fluid becomes too hot and starts to boil, brake performance may be compromised significantly, resulting in a soft pedal and potentially a complete loss of function. Shielding the master cylinder from the underhood heat can prevent these issues.

Lava Master Cylinder Heat Shield uses a specially formulated thermal-barrier material made from volcanic rock–based fibers. It is able to withstand 1,200 degrees F of constant heat and is resistant to corrosive fluids, such as brake fluid.

Lava Master Cylinder Heat Shield fits master cylinders with both driver- and passenger-side brake-line connections. The integrated high-temperature hook-and-loop fastening system makes the product easy to install and remove, and secures Lava Master Cylinder Shield in place.

  • Direct-fit for popular GM cast-iron disc-brake master cylinder
  • Chemical resistant and rated for constant 1,200 degrees F
  • Easy to install; fits both driver- and passenger-side brake line connections
  • Made in the USA

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