FiTech Universal Throttle Body

FiTech Brings out a Universal 4150 Throttle Body for Port Fuel EFI Systems

FiTech EFI continues to expand their line of performance fuel injection products and accessories, with their new Universal 4150 Throttle Body. This Throttle Body is designed to handle air flow when using a port fuel injection setup. The assembly is precision manufactured and can be used to control airflow on a wide range of engines with features for street cars or high horsepower applicaions.

The FiTech Universal 4150 Throttle Body boasts an impressive array of features that cater to the needs of every automotive enthusiast:

  • Designed with a 4150 flange ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicles
  • Over 1000 CFM airflow to maximizes engine performance and efficiency, making it ideal for both street and track applications
  • Adaptable for use with either TMAP (Throttle Manifold Absolute Pressure) or MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensors, offering flexibility to fine-tune your engine’s performance
  • Built with boosted blow-thru applications in mind, the throttle body features a threaded Intake Air Temperature (IAT) port, allowing for precise temperature readings and improved engine management
  • Equipped with a built-in Idle Air Control (IAC) motor for smooth and stable idle quality
  • Versatile vacuum ports for various accessories for flexibility in configuring your engine’s vacuum system and includes a port for boost reference
  • The secondary throttle linkage is set up for a 1:1 ratio (non-progressive) (1:1) for precise control and instant response
  • Choose from a brilliant aluminum or matte black finish to match your vehicle’s aestheticsFiTech Universal Throttle Body

The FiTech Universal 4150 Throttle Body is the latest addition to their growing range of innovative products. For more information about the new Universal 4150 Throttle body or other EFI products, jump over to FiTech EFI.