American Powertrain Multi-Tool

Transmission Seal Protector and Install Tool from Amercian Powertrain

Planning a manual transmission swap or even some clutch maintenance to get prepped for the cruising and racing season? American Powertrain has a handy new multi-use tool available. Their new Seal Protector and Install Tool is a practical solution for protecting the transmission seal during shipping with any new TREMEC TKX and Magnum transmission that they sell, plus it will prevent fluid from escaping during service and can be handy to help align the clutch splines when installing the trans.

The heavy duty ABS plastic Seal Protector and Install Tool is now included with every TREMEC TKX and Magnum transmission kit sold by American Powertrain for added convenience and protection. It is also available as a stand-alone product.

Matt Graves, American Powertrain Marketing and Sales Director explained that they wanted to design a product that would protect the seal during shipping, but soon it evolved into more. “We recognized pretty quickly that this could also be a great install tool for clutch alignment by adding splines on the inside and a hand grip. For the cost, this tool makes servicing or installing a TREMEC transmission easier and is great to have around simply for aligning the clutch.” 

For more information about the American Powertrain’s new transmission Install Tool and Seal Protector, or their driveline components, visit American Powertrain.