American Powertrain Introduces Complete Squarebody Chevy/GMC 4×4 TREMEC 4050 Transmission Kit

With Chevy/GMC Square Bodies all the rage, American Powertrain is introducing a Squarebody Chevy/GMC 4×4 kit for the TREMEC TR-4050 5-speed, 4WD manual transmission designed to fit 1973 – 1987 pickups and SUVs including Suburbans, Jimmys and Chevy Blazers.

The new American Powertrain Squarebody kit includes everything needed to install a 4×4 TR-4050 5-speed 4WD transmission including an aluminum CNC machined Bellhousing, Hydramax hydraulic clutch and components, flywheel and bolts, trans mount, pilot bearing, harness, and shifter, shifter knob, transfer case adapter for 10-spline NP205 and all necessary hardware. Options are available for upgrades including shifter, clutch and more. Based on the heavy duty TREMEC TR-4050, this kit takes advantage of the low gearing for 4×4 applications with larger tires and high torque loads. The 4050 can handle up to 600ft/lbs. of torque and is fully synchronized for smooth shifting and great highway manners.

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