American Powertrain Twin Disc Clutch

Get a Grip with the New ProTwin Disc Clutch from American Powertrain

If you’re lucky enough to have 1,000 lb/ft of torque and need a clutch to handle that power you’ll be stoked to see the new Pro Twin Clutch kit from American Powertrain. This high-performance twin disc clutch assembly was designed for optimal performance with affordability in mind. The ProTwin Clutch kit includes a billet steel flywheel, pressure plate, two drive discs, floater, flywheel crank bolts, pilot bearing and alignment tool. Each clutch kit comes fully balanced and features an impressive 1,100 ft/lbs of torque holding capacity for the street or strip.

Designed for quiet operation with no noisy floater rattle and a smooth and comfortable pedal operation feel, the ProTwin clutch will make driving and shifting more fun. Manufactured in the USA with a superior steel gauge and carbon-based friction material for long-lasting wear, the ProTwin Clutch by American Powertrain is a complete kit and includes ARP hardware for installation.

American Powertrain Twin Disc Clutch

Matt Graves, American Powertrain Marketing and Sales Director noted, “We’ve thought about introducing our own performance twin disc clutch for some time. In terms of performance, this is a quality designed and engineered product that won’t cost thousands of dollars. Now with the increased power levels of modern engines, you don’t have to drive around with a heavy clutch that feels like an on and off switch. This new clutch offers tons of torque capacity with the feel of a lighter single disc clutch. No more having to compromise comfort with increased power.”

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