Ridetech Foxbody Suspension, bolt in foxbody suspension, fox body suspension

Coming Soon – 1979-1993 Fox Body Suspension System from Ridetech

Ridetech has been hard at work over the past few years and this new suspension for the 1979-1993 Ford Mustang is one of their more impressive accomplishments. Ridetech has always appreciated the “Fox Body” mustang, having offered suspension upgrades for the platform since the 1990’s. However, this new Fox Body suspension system takes the action to the next level, setting out to fix all of the limits and constraints inherent to the 80’s Ford platform while at the same time keeping the system simple to bolt-on and tune for everyone’s performance needs.

Tested & Proven

Like they’re known to do, Ridetech has tested, refined, tested again, and made even more adjustments to this new setup until they reached unmatched levels of grip and handling while still providing a substantially improved ride quality over factory – with enough adjustment for even the hardcore track machine to eat away at the competition.

Available with either coil-overs or Ridetech Shockwave air suspension options, the kit includes Fox Shocks, all new design upper and lower front control arms, new spindles, and swaybar. In the rear, an all-new multi-link system that utilizes our composite lined R-Joints will keep the car hooked-up under the hardest launches and most aggressive cornering.

Ridetech Foxbody Suspension, bolt in foxbody suspension, fox body suspension

The new Ridetech bolt-on coil-over or air suspension for the 1979-1993 Ford Mustang is a game changer – a ground-up redesign to provide all the right suspension geometry that enables the Fox Mustang to bite as well as it barks!

Street to Track and Everything In-Between

Ridetech used street driven, as well as full race set-up Mustangs to develop our new Fox Body suspension system. Half-a-dozon of the cars were their own employee and staff rides! From engineering to sales to warehouse and production, Ridetech has a fleet of Fox Mustangs in the family to choose from (even a turbocharged LS powered version).

The result is a package that can deliver what it promises to a wide range of users: the car-show-cruiser who wants an ultra-low stance and smooth ride, the drag racer who wants to drive the car to the track, or the time attack road course racer who needs razor sharp control to trim lap times – the Ridetech Fox Body suspension system can be dialed in to make the Mustang whatever the driver wants.

Oh…and the Project Car

One of their “development-mules” was a bare chassis tub, rescued from a scrap yard to serve as the fitment jig in the shop. Having long lost all its shine, as well as most of the drivetrain and trim, this $1500 “shell” was perfect to strip down to the bare minimum and keep on the lift for test fitting so the other test cars could stay on the road as much as possible.

Ridetech Foxbody Suspension, bolt in foxbody suspension, fox body suspension

It didn’t take long, however, for our folks to see the potential under that 80’s emerald green paint. The rust free, solid chassis was soon getting a full competition approved cage welded in and the search was on for engine and drivetrain…it quickly became a Ridetech race car.

The “Mustang F/X Project” will be hitting the road and tracks in 2023. Built, maintained and driven by Ridetech employees – because this is what they do, even in their “off-the-clock / spare-time” Ridetech loves this stuff!

Photos and Copy courtesy Ridetech