RideTech Mustang Coilover and Air Suspension

RideTech’s S550/S650 Mustang Coilover and Air Suspension Systems

Got a newer Mustang in the garage parked next to a classic? Ridetech is pleased to announce the release of their S550/S650 (2015-current) Mustang Coilover and Air Suspension Systems. When it comes to negotiating corners with scalpel precision, these Mustang generations take top honors among their Motown pony car counterparts, however there is always room for improvement and Ridetech’s latest suspension systems offer real improvements for the performance enthusiast.

One of the primary improvements that are immediately noticeable are the increased camber and caster range. This is a huge win for those building their Mustangs for autocross or road course duty where aggressive alignments are necessary to achieve the desired handling and performance.
• Caster Range: +7.5 to +8.5 degrees
• Camber Range: -2.5 to +.25 degrees
• Camber Range Extreme (Slug Flipped): -1.0 to -4.25 degrees

RideTech Mustang Coilover and Air Suspension

Ridetech’s Mustang coilover and air suspension systems provide an aggressive yet functional muscle car stance through their ride height adjustability. Ridetech has developed and released a new feature for both systems which features a rubber isolated spherical bearing design that minimizes NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) commonly associated with performance suspension systems. This additional compliance strikes a happy medium for those wanting the performance benefits of adjustable suspension without sacrificing ride quality or comfort.

In addition to updated features, both Mustang coilover and air systems feature black and gray hard coat anodized finishes that pair nicely with the rest of the included hardware. Suspension tuning is accomplished via the 24-position rebound adjustable HQ series coilovers with Fox Factory valving and internals.

Speaking of tuning, Ridetech new front and rear adjustable anti-sway bars for the chassis allow you to adjust the balance of the car for the type of track and the overall setup of the car. These bars are compatible with both of these air and coilover systems and can be purchased as upgrades to vehicles with factory struts and shocks.

The front bar is two position adjustable and is rated at 35mm / 1.375-inch tube diameter, .250-inch wall thickness. Bar rate in the first position is 500 ft-lbs, while the second increases to 616 ft-lbs. This compares to the factory front bar rate of 370 ft-lbs. The 25.4 mm / 1-inch rear bar is three position adjustable. Bar rate starts at 165 ft-lbs. and increases to 210 ft. lbs. and 264 ft. lbs. relative to the OE bar rate of 125 ft-lbs. Both bars reuse the factory end-links.

RideTech Mustang Coilover and Air Suspension

While these systems are the first to release, Ridetech triple-adjustable TQ-series coilovers for dedicated track builds will be available soon. Check in with RideTech for more great products for late model Mustangs.