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Wilwood Electric Parking Brake Kits

Say goodbye to unnecessary cables or actuation levers. Introducing the Wilwood Electric Parking Brake kit for 11”, 12.19” 12.88” and 14” diameter rotors. These new kits combine Wilwood’s proven hydraulic disc brake conversions with an electric motor-driven parking brake caliper. Choose from forged aluminum DynaPro, Dynalite, Superlite or Aerolite caliper options.

Caliper colors include red or black powder coat or 22 additional color finishes. MSRP starts at $1,819.94. Wilwood currently only offers Electric Parking Brake kits for the New-Style Big Ford 2.50” offset. Additional flange and offsets will be released throughout 2020. Contact Wilwood for more details or visit www.wilwood.com.