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Holley Sniper EFI 5-Inch Digital Dash

With over twice the resolution and improved color depth, the new 5-inch Digital Dash for the Sniper EFI family provides enhanced functionality at your fingertips. Three pre-loaded and customizable screens cleanly display the data you need most, while the built-in tuning and datalogging interfaces allow for easy tuning adjustments. An included GPS antenna measures accurate vehicle speed. Reveal even more data by pairing up the Sniper EFI 5-inch Digital Dash with Sniper’s standard 3.5-inch touch screen via a 558-465 CAN Splitter!

The Sniper EFI 5″ Digital Dash comes out of the box, ready to plug and play with your Sniper EFI installation. The 5″ digital touch screen display is pre-loaded with 3 easy to read layouts that provide critical system information, such as Throttle Position, Manifold Air Pressure, Air Fuel Ratio, Battery Voltage, Engine Coolant Temperature, RPM, and Speed, thanks to the provided Magnetic GPS Antenna included in the kit!

The Sniper EFI 5″ Digital Dash also offers Tuning, the handheld wizard, and data logging, so you don’t have to keep your 3.5″ display plugged into the system while utilizing the 5″ Dash! Want a cool place to keep your handheld, with the use of a CAN Splitter (p/n: 558-465) you can mount your 3.5″ digital touch screen in your engine bay, allowing you to see vital system information while working on your project.

The Sniper EFI 5″ Digital Dash also includes two dash mounting stand offs, and suction cup, allowing you to quickly mount the dash to most flat surfaces in the vehicle, without drilling any holes.

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  • Plug-and-play Display with all Sniper EFI Models – installation consists of plugging in the 5” Dash to the Sniper EFI CAN connector, and mounting the GPS antenna!
  • Built-in Calibration Wizard allows you to quickly build a base engine calibration for your Sniper EFI powered vehicle, without the need of a laptop
  • Holley Sniper Digital Dash, holley digital dash, holley sniper dash, holley sniper efi dash3 default background skins pre-loaded with the option to customize the existing layouts to read exactly what information you want to see!
  • Quickly swipe between multiple monitor screens, with customizable parameters (tune, warm-up, race, drive, etc.)
  • Built-in GPS Speedometer (Magnetic Antenna included)
  • Provides Real-time ECU tuning, allowing you to dial in your AFR, Ignition Timing, or any other handheld tune able value, such as IAC or Acceleration Enrichment!
  • Expandable storage via included micro-SD allows you to quickly access the ECU calibrations, datalogs, or any other files you may use with your Sniper EFI System
  • No stylus required – capacitive touch, just like your smart phone
  • Convenient dimming feature for night-time driving, simply press the Sniper EFI icon on the background to quickly dim or brighten the screen
  • Includes suction cup mount and two different length stand offs for different mounting configurations, just like the 3.5″ but with a larger easier to use screen
  • Not compatible with Terminator X, Terminator X Max, Dominator or HP EFI Systems