Premium Magnetic Handheld Mount from FiTech EFI

Looking for a safe, simple way to mount your FiTech Color Touchscreen Tuner? The new Premium Magnetic Handheld Mount provides an easy and effective way to secure the touchscreen controller.

The Magnetic Mount allows you to mount the touchscreen nearly anywhere in your car. A sturdy, adjustable stand is fit with two extremely strong magnets to firmly secure the Handheld through vibrations, shocks, bumps and even during spirited track laps.

The Premium Magnetic Handheld Mount is supplied with the injection molded stand, a mounting disc (2) that is applied to the dash or console along with a mounting plate designed specifically for the FiTech Color Touchscreen Handheld Monitor. The Mount allows you to position the Tuner where you can easily view the engine parameters and tuning of your FiTech EFI system.

  • Simple, secure mount for FiTech’s Color Touchscreen Monitor
  • Strong magnets hold the monitor through road vibrations, shocks, and bumps
  • Easy to install for a clean, easily adjustable Monitor mount

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