MetroVac Car Vacuum

Clean Your Vehicle the Professional Way with MetroVac Car Dryers and Vacuums

It’s not every day that a business gets its start with a pawned pocket watch. But the $50 received for that watch founded the Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company in 1939. The company evolved from a retailer to a manufacturer of vacuums and other cleaning equipment. It also shortened its name to MetroVac, which is a lot easier to remember.

American-made in the heart of Oakland, New Jersey, MetroVac vacuum cleaners and car dryers are the choice of professional detailers and restorers like Wayne Carini from Chasing Classic Cars because they work and are darn near indestructible. MetroVac covers its products with a five-year limited warranty, and can even repair your vacuum or blower in the unlikely event something goes wrong. That’s a big plus in our throw-away world.

MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster Vehicle Dryers

Producing up to 58,500 linear feet per minute (400 CFM) of warm, dry, filtered air, an Air Force Master Blaster dryer can completely dry your vehicle in 15 minutes or less. It literally blasts water off as it evaporates to eliminate any water spots. Try that with a leaf blower.

MetroVac Car Vacuum

Because it’s touchless, a Master Blaster won’t scratch or leave streaks on your paint and chrome. It’s ideal for drying hard-to-reach areas like door jambs, mirror housings, and inside grilles and wheels. It has two four horsepower motors—run both for maximum airflow or just one if you’re drying in a confined area. The heavy-duty steel canister has wheels if you want to take it with you as you dry. Some models come with a wall mount so you can hang it in your garage, so all you drag along is the hose.

You can get your MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster dryer with a 10- or 30-foot commercial-grade hose. All models come with a heavy-duty neoprene rubber nozzle; five attachments to get in the nooks and crannies; and a 12-foot cord.

MetroVac 4 HP Vac ‘N Blo Vacuums

Equipped with a twin-fan, four horsepower motor that generates 130 CFM of airflow, MetroVac’s 4 HP Vac ‘N Blo vacuums are the most powerful car vacuums available. Dirt, dust, and old French fries, beware.

MetroVac Car Vacuum

You can also use your Vac ‘N Blo to clean your home, garage, and yard, or to inflate rafts and air mattresses. All feature a durable steel canister, a three- or six-foot flexible hose depending on the model, and a 12-foot cord. You also get two 20-inch extension wands; upholstery and crevice tools; four-piece detailing tool set; dust brush; blower nozzle; and inflator adapter. Your choice of vacuums with shoulder strap, with wheels, or wall-mountable.

MetroVac Evolution Handheld Vacuums

MetroVac’s Evolution Handheld Vacuums are so darn useful. You can do quick cleanups of your vehicle’s interior, suck up dust on your furniture, and sweep spilled corn flakes or granola off of the kitchen floor. They are rated at 500 watts and 70 CFM of airflow, which MetroVac says makes the Evolutions the most powerful handheld vacuums available. Other features include a steel canister with a satin nickel and black finish; a 12-foot power cord; and crevice and dust brush tools. Some models include a 20-foot flexible hose, and a pet brush to get stubborn cat hair off of your favorite chair.

MetroVac Car Vacuum

Summit Racing also carries other MetroVac car dryers and vacuums, plus a large selection of accessories including replacement filters; nozzles and brushes; flexible hose and extension wands; and wall mounts.