GM Squarebody Chassis Offerings from TCI

The Squarebody Chevrolet C10’s were the last of the old-school ‘work trucks’ that Chevy made. When the OBS came out they were a much more luxurious truck and set the stage for an entirely new vehicle. That doesn’t mean the Squarebody truck isn’t a nice truck – they are fantastic trucks.

Since they were built more of a work truck, they also ride and handle like a work truck. If you want your Squarebody to sit lower, handle better, ride smoother, and hug corners, the flimsy factory chassis just isn’t going to do it. There’s no secret that these trucks can only be lowered a little bit before the lower control arms are scraping the ground, the ride is harsh, and the alignment specs are out of whack. The cure is a completely new TCI Squarebody chassis with exceptional strength & redesigned geometry for today’s performance standards.

Classic Series:

  • Traditional 5”-7” drop
  • Pro-Touring IFS
  • Four-link rear suspension
  • No modifications to the bed floor

TCI offers the Squarebody chassis in three different configurations; Classic, Pro-Touring, and Grounded. No matter which one you choose though, there are some similarities.

These Squarebody chassis’ start with precision laser cut fully-boxed frame rails that are fully jig welded. There’s a 12 piece center section that ties both frame rails together for a rigid platform to hold the suspension.

Pro-Touring Series:

  • 4” Ride Height with 335/30R18 tires squared
  • Pro-Touring IFS
  • Torque arm rear suspension
  • Bed Floor modifications required

These frame rails get built at different heights depending on if you’re going for that Classic look with minimal drop, Pro-Touring with 4” ride height, or Grounded which slams the truck on the ground. The Pro-Touring chassis and the Grounded will have a step notch in the rear to get the truck low and have room for the suspension to do its job. The Classic series and Grounded series will have a four-link rear, while the Pro-Touring chassis has a Torque-Arm set up in the rear.

In the front, TCI utilizes their high-performance, track-winning Pro Touring IFS system. This package is designed to be compact and strong, providing you the precision steering and the confidence you deserve to push your truck further than ever without compromising comfort. Utilizing tubular control arms, the Pro Touring IFS features high-performance 1,000,001 warranty, Ridetech fully-adjustable coil overs, rack and pinion steering, and custom modular spindles to choose a set of brakes to match the performance of the chassis.

Grounded Series:

  • Frame touches the ground (with 29” O/d tires)
  • Grounded IFS
  • Four-link rear suspension
  • Bed Floor modifications required

Need more proof this is the best chassis you can put under your truck? TCI offers their Six-Year / 60,000 mile warranty on wear and tear items such as bushings, coil overs and ball joints. Any hard parts such as the frame, link bars, control arms, spindles, and cross members come with a lifetime warranty.

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