Detroit Speed Squarebody front suspension, SpeedMAX suspension

Front Suspension Kits for ’73-’87 C10 Squarebody Trucks from Detroit Speed

Detroit Speed is at it again with brand new Squarebody front suspension kits for 1973-1987 C10 pickups. These kits are assembled so that you can easily determine which part of your ride to upgrade and are designed to improve the handling and performance of your C10. By making the kits modular, you will be able to upgrade your suspension one part at a time or all together – the choice is truly yours!

Detroit Speed Squarebody front suspension, SpeedMAX suspension

The ultimate front suspension setup for the squarebody pickups is the SpeedMax kit. This is a complete re-engineering of the front suspension that is based on the GMT800 (1999-2006 Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra) platform’s design, but with Detroit Speed’s exclusive suspension geometry for the best handling at a lowered ride height and “Detroit Tuned” GMT800 rack and pinion steering system, coil springs, and shocks. The kit can be installed in either the stock location or one inch forward for better wheel-to-fender alignment, and you won’t have to remove the engine for installation. You can even pick between two wheel bolt patterns (5×5″ or 5×4.75″) when ordering!

The Detroit Speed C10 SpeedMAX Squarebody front suspension is designed for a truck using truck strength parts and not car strength parts. It is designed with no compromises and exclusive DSE suspension geometry for superior handing and ride quality at a lowered ride height. This 100% bolt-on front suspension system is based on the later model GMT800 Silverado truck application. Includes Made in the USA, DSE forged aluminum uprights with modern truck hub pack wheel bearings. Features 5 x 5” and 5 x 4-3/4” dual bolt pattern hubs.

Kit Specs:

  • Non-Adjustable Shocks
  • 550lb/in Springs
  • SBC Brackets

Features & Benefits:

  • Can be installed in stock location or 1” forward for improved wheel/fender alignment.
  • 100% bolt-on front suspension system.
  • Body panels and engine do not need to be removed for installation.
  • Features “Detroit Tuned” GMT800 rack and pinion steering.
  • DSE “Detroit Tuned” aluminum body coilover shocks/springs allow for ride height adjustment and spring rate tuning without having to disassemble the control arms.
  • Features ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron) upper shock bracket that uses a special heat- treated high strength cast iron for excellent wear resistance and fatigue strength.
  • Includes sway bar with improved design/rate over optional factory bar using polyurethane bushings and low friction modern aluminum end links. Uses tubular upper and lower control arms with Delrin bushings that are designed for trucks.
  • Stainless steel upper control arm cross shafts feature caster tuner bushings.

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