Classic Instruments Zeus-Link

Save Time, Sensors and Wiring with Classic Instruments Zeus-Link Gauge Interface

Upgrading to an LS or even making the move to a Holley Fuel Injection system brings terrific driveability benefits to your classic car and if you’re running gauges from Classic Instruments (or plan to), you can save time and wiring thanks to their new Zeus-Link gauge interface and app.

Zeus-Link is an all-inclusive gauge interface unit that can connect to Holley ECU’s (Dominator, HP, Terminator X, Terminator X Max, Sniper and Sniper II) and to GM OBDII ports, to read vehicle data directly from the CAN-BUS to drive any Classic Instruments gauges accurately. What this means is that you don’t have to run a temp or oil psi gauge/sensor for both the ECU and a gauge as the information is shared from the fuel injection ECU so there is less wiring and no sensor duplication.

Classic Instruments Zeus-Link

Classic Instruments customers can easily connect up to six standard gauges and two auxiliary gauges using all sender inputs or none. The Zeus-Link unit features warning and check engine light outputs, dash light connection and on-board diagnostic lights to give status of power, BLE, and data. For maximum compatibility with Holley products, there is an additional resistor available if there are other CAN devices on the same harness and the Holley harness has an additional Holley ECU connector for other devices.

The entire system is easy to setup and manage through an app available on the App Store or Google Play. Download the app, configure which gauges are you’re using and how each gets its signal, view values being received by Zeus-Link, and verify correct outputs and wiring all through the app.

This new CAN module from Classic Instruments can be purchased direct or through any one of its authorized dealers or at For more details on the new Zeus-Link or other instrumentation products from CI, click over to Classic Instruments.