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BASF Launches the First One-Coat Clear with their RMC1000

Paint shops are alwasys looking for improved materials and technology that will help them deliver the best paint finish possible. The same applies to the paint industry with constant research and developement such as with the new RMC1000 one-coat clear from BASF.

Answering customer demand for speed and efficiency, RMC1000 reduces cycle time, provides superior sag resistance and offers excellent appearance. RMC1000 can be applied with one wet coat and with just 30 minutes of drying at 140 F° will save paint shops time with no flash-off time and no second coat when compared to 1.5 coat clears on the market.  With no flash-off time nor second coat application, they can increase cycles per day, which leads to serious savings and increased productivty in their shop.
“RMC100 is a trailblazing product for our customers. As the very first one-coat clear in the industry, the increase in speed and efficiency with the ease of application, is simply unobtainable through any other product on the market,” said Jim Reddy, BASF Marketing Manager, Americas – Refinish Coatings.

In addition to time savings, RMC1000 also increases efficiency without adding repair orders. Swapping out a competitive 1.5 coat clear with RMC1000, can save body shops in their overall energy saving with less booth run time, less C02 emissions and on RO cost per hour.

RMC1000 one-coat clear is now available for national rule markets. For more information, go to BASF Refinish.