Ferrucio Lamborghini

Antonio Banderas and Alec Baldwin Set to Star in Lamborghini Movie

Ferruccio Lamborghini, the scion of the Lamborghini brand, had an interesting life.  From building tractors and military vehicles during World War II, he progressed into the supercars of today.  Somebody should make a movie about him.  Apparently, someone else thinks so too.

AMBI Media Group, who has the option to the movie rights for his biography, based on a book written by his son Tonino, is moving forward this summer with filming in Italy.  They already signed Antonio Banderas to play Lamborghini, while his rival Enzo Ferrari will be portrayed by Alec Baldwin.  The firm also has a writer and director committed to this movie, which has the tentative title of Lamborghini-The Legend.

The son was quoted as saying, ” I really believe this film can translate into images and words the great humanity of Ferruccio and transmit to the viewers worldwide my father’s personality: a man full of energy, charisma, and passion.”

1948 marked the start of Lamborghini’s tractors, which allowed him to buy numerous sports cars.  Legend has it that he had one for every day of the week.  We find it ironic that Porsche also got into the tractor business after World War II.

Another legend has Lamborghini confronting Ferrari about a perceived faulty clutch.  Lamborghini owned a Ferrari 250GT that constantly needed repairs to the clutch.  When confronted, Ferrari dismissed them as a tractor driver who knew nothing about sports cars and the feud was born.

Ferruccio launched his sports car company in 1963 and ran the business until selling it in the late 1970’s.  During that time span the two companies were competitors on the track and on the sales floors.

It should prove interesting to see how the film portrays the legendary feud. Lets hope that they can make some automotive magic happen on the big screen!

Mark C. Bach is a well preserved automotive junkie, due to the Arizona dry heat. He loves anything that moves and is especially fond of muscle cars and classics.