Celebrities hideous Cars are quite the eyesore! – A 10 Spot

By Ashley Smissen

Celebrities seem to have it all: fame, followers and enough money to do pretty much whatever they want. Unfortunately, that sometimes means taking a perfectly good – and often very expensive – car and ruining it with crazy customization. Why do they routinely fail? We will have to counter this monstrous mashup with a Ten Best because believe it or not – some famous celebrities get it right (Clapton, Hetfield et al).

All kinds of celebrities have been trying to express themselves via their rides for decades, but in recent years, celebs have stepped it up in terms of the cars they drive. In their efforts to set their rides apart from other celebrity cars, some famous folks have gone off the rails and created vehicular homicide.

Here, in no particular order, are our picks for the 10 ugliest cars created by celebrities of all time.

Will-I-Am Volkswagen

Will-I-Am’s custom VW. Why? Note the big calipers in front. LOL!

Will.i.Am’s Very Confusing ’58 Volkswagen Beetle
Believe it or not, this monstrosity started its life as a 1958 Volkswagen Beetle but became unrecognizable after rapper/actor Will.i.Am got his hands on it! Will.i.Am reportedly spent a whopping $900,000 to customize the Beetle into…whatever this is. Originally, the rapper told builder Austin Weiss of The Garage that he wanted the car converted into a SoCal Speedster, but he soon changed his mind—over and over again. Eventually, the car went to West Coast Customs, where it spent over two years because — you guessed it! — Will.i.Am kept changing his mind about what he wanted the car to look like. Eventually, the car was completed and, although it cost the rapper a pretty penny, it’s quite the eyesore.


Jay Leno 1931 Shotwell

-Jay Leno’s incredibly rare and incredibly ugly Shotwell

Jay Leno’s Strange 1931 Shotwell
Jay Leno has one of the most extensive collections of cars in existence compared to most celebrities, but not all of his cars are pretty to look at. The former host of “The Tonight Show,” who is known for being attracted to rare cars, is the owner of this odd three-wheeled 1931 Shotwell. You’ve probably never heard of a “Shotwell,” and there’s a good reason for that: it’s the only one of its kind so it does get points for that. Built by 17-year-old Bob Shotwell in 1931, the car was pieced together using parts from a Model A Ford and an engine from an Indian motorcycle. Once Leno purchased the car, he had his “Shotwell” restored, but even the best builders in the business couldn’t make this car look any better. Sorry, Jay. But we still like and respect you.


Nicki Minaj Lamborghini

-No Nicki No! Pepto Pink is NOT the business

Nicki Minaj’s Putrid Pink Lamborghini Aventador
Nicki Minaj’s Pepto-Bismol-pink Lambo gives us gas. The rapper is known for her love of pink and her giant back yard — after all, three of her albums have the color somewhere in their titles. She also has “Barbie-fied” at least two other expensive cars — a Bentley and a Range Rover, but her Lamborghini Aventador is definitely her worse offense against cars. The $400,000 car even sports matching pink Forgiato wheels.


Snook, Cadillac, eBay

-Snooki’s failed attempt at a Cadillac Escalade. But maybe the joke is on us? She sold it for $77 dimes on eBay.

Snooki’s Pink-Trimmed Escalade Eyesore
Speaking of cars trimmed in pink, reality TV star Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi used the color to turn her black 2011 Cadillac Escalade EXT into a catastrophe! From its fake and flat snake skin exterior wrap, to its “BOSS LADY” badge in the back, to its leopard print interior mats, the car, which appeared on many episodes of “Jersey Shore,” was as tacky as its owner. Still, Snooki managed to sell her custom Caddy on eBay in 2013 for a whopping $77,000! What is wrong with people?

Hulk Hogan, Dodge Viper

-We liked Hulk Hogan’s sex tape better than this grotesque Dodge Viper

Hulk Hogan’s Hideous Dodge Viper
Hulk Hogan owns a nice stable of cool cars, but he missed the mark bad with this customized Dodge Viper. The wrestler apparently wanted to make sure that everyone knew who the owner of the ’94 RT/10 was, so he slapped “Hulkster” across the hood. The Viper, which is done in Hogan’s signature colors of red and yellow, is still owned and driven by the wrestler. You missed “Brother!”


Dennis Rodman Hummer

Dennis Rodman was obviously high when he thought up the paint scheme for his Hummer.

Dennis Rodman’s Nauseating Naked Lady Hummer
We would expect nothing less of Dennis Rodman than to have a Hummer H1 covered in drawings of naked women. His homie Kim Jong-il probably even disapproves. However, the tasteless “nudie cutie” cartoons aren’t the only thing that makes this 1996 Hummer H1 cringe-worthy. The vehicle’s exterior also features a strange gray-speckled paint job,  tacky orange security cop car headlights, random basketball drawings and, of course, a caricature of Rodman looking out the back window. It’s no wonder that when Rodman attempted to sell this beast back in 2015, he had a hard time finding a buyer. He eventually had the car covered in gray plastic dip in hopes that the car would sell better without all the naked ladies in full view.


Chris Brown Lamborghini

Chris Brown is as bad at relationships as he is at pimpin’ Lamborghini’s

Chris Brown Lamborghini

Brown’s fighter jet-themed Lambo could be worse but this dude has no business reppin’ our military

Chris Brown’s Stable of Silly Cars
No one can ruin a Lambo quite like Chris Brown. The R&B singer has turned at least three of these expensive cars into vehicles that are fit for the circus. Shockingly, though, the Aventador that he had wrapped in a hideous red, black and white camo print (that made the car more like a bleeding cow than an expensive sports car), and the Gallardo he covered in Tupac song lyrics (yes, that happened), are not his worse offenses. His fighter jet Lambo actually isn’t hideous but a guy who acts a fool as routinely as Brown has no business reppin’ anything remotely connected to our freedom fighters. Fail.


Antonio Garay Smart Car

Bruh. You can’t be serious. You get a 15-yard personal foul for this

Antonio Garay’s Hello Kitty Smart Car
Most professional football players drive expensive sports cars or questionable customized creations (see below), but not Antonio Garay. The former NFL star bucked tradition and bought himself a Smart Car. Seeing the 6-foot 4-inch Garay putting around in such a tiny vehicle is strange enough, but Garay took things one step stranger when he turned the car into a Hello Kitty Mobile by placing a picture of the cartoon cat on the car’s driver side door. Garay is still very proud of his Kitty Car. In fact, it’s currently the profile photo for his Instagram account! Flag on the play! Personal foul ‘er fail!


Justin Bieber’s cat-like Audi R8 just can’t outrun its spots

Justin Bieber’s Laughable Leopard Print Audi
Justin Bieber’s animal-print-wrapped Audi R8 is a car only Snooki could love. The famously bratty singer, who has a knack for basically pissing everyone off, has a few decent whips, but this is not one of them. It’s been reported that Bieber got the inspiration for the leopard print car by looking in his own closet — and seeing animal print shoes and pants.


George Clooney. Tango Car

George Clooney is a great actor. The end

George Clooney’s Tiny Tango T600
Lots of celebrities are going green, but George Clooney may be taking things a bit too far. A few years back, the actor purchased the very first Tango T600, which was one of the first electric cars on the market. The super-narrow car is actually thinner than some motorcycles and can be parked four-wide in a regular-sized parking spot. Although Clooney’s kid-sized car is small in stature, it had a big price tag: the actor reportedly paid about $108,000 for his ridiculous ride.