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Pony Car Experts Must-Have Book, Steve Magnate’s 1001 Mustang Facts

1001 Mustang Facts, steve magnante's pony car bookCarTech Books has just announced the release of Steve Magnante’s 1001 Mustang Facts, a new paperback book that provides facts about all Mustangs from 1964½ until present day models. The 336-page book contains coverage of the Ford Mustang, generation by generation, and provides information and entertaining facts on all of these popular vehicles, including the Mustang II, and the modern Coyote- and Voodoo-powered supercars.

The book contains 120 black-and-white illustrations, in addition to a treasure trove of Mustang trivia. Steve Magnante’s 1001 Mustang Facts is also available as an e-book in PDF format.

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