TMI Products Now Offers Seating Solutions For 1961-1971 Dodge D100-D200 Trucks

TMI ‘Dodged’ the Ram truck market long enough. They have developed a new line of seating options for the 1961-1971 Dodge D100-D200 Trucks. TMI LogoJust like all trucks of that era, their seating was dismal with flat bench options only. As these trucks have grown in popularity, so has the demand for aftermarket support.

“We are excited to now have a bolt-in solution for the 1961-1971 Dodge D100-D200 Trucks. After years of developing the Chevy Truck and Ford Truck product lines, we can now include Dodge D100-D200 to our line up to round it out,” stated Ross Berlanga, Marketing Director.

After countless hours of R&D work, these purpose-built new Dodge D100-D200 truck brackets allow the end user to simply unbolt their factory seats, and bolt-in a pair of new TMI Bucket seats or bench seats right into the stock location. These seats will give any D-100 the style, bolstering, and comfort their stock seats never had.

Available as stock bench-to-TMI bench seat, or stock bench-to-TMI bucket seats. Also available are the rear brackets for Crew Cab model trucks to convert to TMI buckets or bench seats.

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