The Moldovian Mini – One Man, One Club

The Moldovian Mini Cooper is a One-Man Club

Any car can be full of character. It doesn’t need to be rare or highly sought after. The stories, memories, and experiences are what give a car its character and soul. According to Sergiu Topala, the bond that forms between a car and its owner can be something special. It may seem ridiculous from an outsider’s perspective but makes perfect sense to you. It’s like a family member.

Every man chooses his dog, his car, and more in life with his heart

For Sergiu, fulfillment begins with the freedom to turn the key at any time and the opportunity to drive anywhere he fancies.

With the desire to share his enthusiasm with like-minded people, a 1994 Rover Mini Cooper was purchased and restored with care making it his own. Representing his region – the Republic of Moldova – Sergiu takes his passion and his dog on the road to meet up with other car clubs in Europe. Of course, being from a tiny country bounded by Romania to the west and the Ukraine to the north, east and south, Sergiu is a member of a one-man car club.

Watch this film from Petrolicious to learn more about Sergiu, how his passion for cars grew, and why he is inspired to travel thousands of kilometers to meet other car nuts.

the moldovan mini, sergiu topola one-man club from Moldava

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