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1937 Chevrolet Coupe: Marriage of Bliss

Marriage is an exercise in compromise – especially if you want to keep the peace at home. Amen to that. Mike Ogden from Sacramento, Calif. was smitten by his friend’s ’35 Plymouth coupe and wanted one for his next project. The wife was okay with Mike devoting resources into another project car but he was only allowed one at a time. Out went the ’54 Chevy and a rescue from Seattle was brought home.

While the ’37 Chevy coupe was a little rough around the edges and a lot of cancerous rust had to be cut out, we say this styled coupe turned into another super-nice crowd pleaser with help from Tyler Pullen at TP Customs Chop Shop.

Underneath the polished exterior is a Mustang front-end, a Cutlass triangular 4-link suspension at the rear, 4-wheel disc brakes, and an air bag system. The Chevy coupe retains its original 216c.i. inline 6-cylinder but it is mated with a 5-speed T-5 transmission. Mike is more than pleased with the build that took more than five years to complete and the wife is happy the front yard isn’t overflowing with multiple project cars.

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