The Bug, A New Movie That Explains the Worldwide Appeal of the Classic VW Beetle

The classic VW Beetle, aka the Bug, has been the object of love for generations of car addicts. For many, it was their first foray into an automotive love/hate relationship but the memories will last forever.

The connection begins with the Beetle’s simplicity – it’s what makes them so special, unlike cars of today where processors and mini-computers are controlling everything from the steering, to safety systems, to confounding navigation systems. I have owned a couple old-style Beetles that each had its own quirkiness but I loved each one.

Chassy Media, a media company that focuses on automotive content, recently released a new feature documentary film about the most recognizable and beloved vehicle in the world: The Volkswagen Beetle. The film covers the history and more importantly, it explores the rabid devotion of its owners past and present. Even film star, Ewan McGregor, shares his experience with his first VW Bug as a sixteen-year-old. If you like the trailer, you can order a copy of the movie HERE.

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Before becoming an automotive journalist, Derek was diving into engine bays and wiring car audio systems for competitions since high school. Granted, there were a few leftover pieces after reassembling everything but nothing ever fell apart on the road. Today Derek applies his enthusiasm and gearhead knowledge into the latest cars, unraveling today's complex automotive technology, and learning the rich history behind classic cars.