Taylor Spark Plug Wires

Bringing Color Back to Engines with Taylor’s Legendary Spark Plug Wires

Looking to brighten up your engine compartment or building a ride with vintage street machine flavor? Either way, you’ll be happy to see that Taylor Cable has brought back their their colorful line of high performance spark plug wires.

Designed to combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, these high-performance wires are engineered to upgrade the look of any engine bay. Along with their traditional black, red, and blue wires, there are now bright colors including yellow, gray, orange, green, purple and of course, pink! It’s like if Dodge offered plug wires in the late ’60s to match their color schemes.

Celebrated for quality for over a century, Taylor Cable’s spark plug wires are designed to catch the eye while providing unbeatable engine performance. The 8-mm outer silicone jacket not only hits in various hues but stands up against temperatures up to 600-degrees, boasting a rating of up to 65K volts.

Taylor’s wires are more than just visually stunning. Underneath the colorful silicone exterior lies a silicone inner core that ensures exceptional heat protection and flexibility over the lifespan of the wires. Plug wires are the arteries of the ignition system and Taylor understands the importance of their wires getting the voltage to the spark plug millions of times, while surviving harsh underhood conditions. With 350-ohms per foot and a stainless-steel spiral wound core, the wires provide superior RFI/EMI suppression, making them perfect for applications with computer-driven ignitions or high-end stereo systems.

The wires are finished off with low-profile silicone pro boots and double spring lock spark plug terminals ensure a firm connection and  reliability. The universal fit sets allow for cutting to specific requirements, ensuring a tailor-made solution for any custom job. To learn more about Taylor’s Classic Bright Colored Spark Plug Wires and other performance ignition products, visit Taylor Cable Products.