roadster shop offroad chassis, rs4 chassis, k10 chassis

RS4 Chassis from Roadster Shop for 1967-72 K10 GM Trucks

Roadster Shop is pleased to offer a complete RS4 chassis (Solid axle, 4×4) for 1967-’72 K10 GM trucks. Starting with Roadster Shop’s proven laser rails, a complete chassis was engineered utilizing the best components available in the industry. Currie Dana 44 front and Dana 60 Rear differentials are tied into the chassis through triangulated 4 links designed to optimize anti-dive, anti-squat, and suspension articulation. Massive sealed x-Axis flex joints allow increased misalignment, longevity, and performance over commonly used spherical and Johnny joints. Fox Racing 2.5 Factory Race Series coilovers tuned with RS specific valving offer the best of both ride quality on road and off-road performance. Cad Optimized front steering geometry eliminates bump steer entirely while laterally controlling the axle.

roadster shop offroad chassis, rs4 chassis, k10 chassis

Massive 5”x2.5” .188 wall frame rails provide significant strength gains over the undersized stock chassis. 3.5” of additional width inside the RS4 chassis allows simple header installation. Popular classic and modern engine and transmission combinations have standard mounting provisions available. All original mounting locations have been engineered into the RS4 chassis to allow easy bolt on installation with zero cutting to your body. Ride height has been optimized eliminating the need for body lifts. Splined front and rear sway bars with 7075 billet arms and Fox Bump stops are optional along with a long list of engineered options to help assist and expedite your build.

Standard Features:

  • Fox 2.5 Factory Series Coilovers with 10″ stroke front & rear
  • 5″ x 2.5″ Frame rails spaced 3.5″ wider than factory
  • RS “Fast Link” 1.75″ front & rear 4-bars with X-axis sealed bearing assemblies
  • Bolt on engine stands for SBF, Coyote, LS, and LT engines
  • Structural, center crossmember with drop out trans and transfer case mounts
  • 10″ front travel and 12″ rear travel
  • Splined front and rear sway bars
  • AGR Performance steering box with equal length, parallel steering
  • Currie Rock Jock High Pinion Dana 44 front (Complete with axles, gears, & Tru Trac Diff.)
  • Currie Rock Jock High Pinion Dana 60 rear (Complete with axles, gears, & Tru Trac Diff.)
  • Utilizes all stock body, bumper, and core support mounts

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