Old Ford Crew Cabs Headed To 11th FiTech Spring Nationals In Scottsdale

Goodguys is less than two weeks out from their next blockbuster event! The 11th FiTech Fuel Injection Spring Nationals is right around the corner in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona on April 16-18, 2021. Goodguys has a special treat for Ford truck fans at this event that you won’t want to miss. Holding court in a specially designated area, the Old Ford Crew Cabs group will be showcasing pre-1979 Blue Oval crew cabs. Never before have this many old school, “more-door” pickup trucks been together in one place.

old ford crew cabs

Robert Phillips, owner, and administrator at Old Ford Crew Cabs, told Goodguys he and his friends will be rolling into Scottsdale with up to 50 examples. Hailing from Prescott, Arizona, he has a deep-seated love for four-door Ford trucks. By day, Phillips runs oil and gas wells around the country but after clocking out, he has four old crew cabs to look after. Keep your eyes peeled for Phillips’ latest build, a 1974 F250 4×4 that he’s furiously working to complete and bring to Scottsdale.

Phillips had some fascinating tidbits about the history of crew cab pickups as well. Did you know until the early to mid-sixties, crew cabs trucks were made by third-party coachbuilders, sometimes by welding two regular cabs together? Most all were ordered by the military or utility companies. In 1965, Ford began producing crew cabs at its new factory in Ontario, Canada and the rest is history.

Along with the bevy of four-door trucks, all the cool Goodguys attractions will be present and accounted for including the CPP AutoCross Racing Series, Nitro Thunderfest exhibitions, a Burnout Competition, fun parties, kids’ activities, Swap Meet and Cars 4 Sale Corral, live music, and industry-leading manufacturers on display for your perusal. A special thanks to FiTech Fuel Injection for sponsoring the show.

For ticket information or to register your car,  click here!


Dave Cruikshank is a dyed-in-the-wool car guy and an automotive industry veteran, including editor of Corvette Online and Rod Authority. He has a special affinity for lead sleds, fat-fendered cars and curvy fiberglass. You can find him tinkering with his cars, exploring Southern California on his bicycle, or scouting our mid-century modern architecture. He currently owns a 1995 C4 (everybody's favorite era of Corvette), a 1976 Cadillac Seville, and a big old Ford RV.