Motorcycle Fails, Fuel Curve

Motorcycle Fails! Face Plants and Foul Ups

You know the deal when it comes to motorcycles. It’s not if you’re gonna crash, it’s when. It really is only a matter of time. While street bike crashes are scariest, plenty of dirt and off road fails happen daily worldwide. Thanks to the miracle of Youtube, we can bring you mashups and money shots of people failing miserably at riding bikes.

The opening scene featuring a dirt nap/muddy face plant sets the tone for a titillating 10-minute highlight reel of crashes. Men, women, and children – nobody is safe from the unforgiving laws of gravity! It amazes us how many recreational motorcyclists smash into each other as you’ll see.

Trees, cliffs, jumps, mud puddles – all of it adds up to unconquerable obstacles. The professionals are just as susceptible to thrills and spills as the amateur weekend warriors. Nobody is safe! Thankfully, nobody perished in this clip.

Hang that throttle! More videos HERE.