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Extreme Saudi Drifting – These Guys are NUTS!

Did you know extreme Arab drifting was a thing?

The sons of wealthy Middle East sheiks have a lot of time on their hands. And they’re more than up to speed on motorsport. Along with money comes fast cars but there is an underground and extremely crazy and dangerous phenomenon happening with Middle Eastern millennials – extreme drifting on public roads.

They take mundane, stock-suspended sedans, sub compacts and even SUV’s and flog them at speeds well over 100mph then jerk the wheel to start their dance with the devil.

It’s one thing to see them do it on vacant highways but this video ups the ante tenfold. This is the most bat shit crazy driving we have ever seen. Drifting past other normal drivers at speed over 125mph? It makes us wonder what videos they DON’T show us. You can only play with fire so long.

Some of this driving is brilliant while other clips defy the laws of physics. DO NOT try this at home. If you do, don’t hurt anyone and send us the video!