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New BlackTop Chassis Coater from KBS Coatings

Looking to get your chassis or engine compartment to look their best while adding protection for years to come? KBS Coatings BlackTop Chassis Coater is a durable, high-performance protective coating designed for use on automotive frames, floor pans, suspension components, engine compartments, body panels and more. The Chassis Coater is an easy-to-use single stage, moisture cured coating that can be applied directly to prepared metal, primed surfaces and other paints and coatings. BlackTop is UV stable for a long lasting finish and available in Gloss Black, OEM Satin Black and Flat Black to provide just the right look.

KBS Coatings

BlackTop is commonly used to top coat factory paint on frames to provide incredible protection while providing an OEM appearance. The paint is rock hard yet flexible, offers superior impact resistance and is specifically formulated to withstand dulling and fading caused by prolonged sunlight exposure.

During applications, the material has excellent flow-out and self-leveling properties resulting in a professional looking finish. The coating is chemical resistant, heat resistant to 500°F and can be applied to prepared surfaces by brush, roller, or spray equipment. BlackTop can be used alone as a resilient rust preventative coating and can offer lifetime protection when the surface is first primed with KBS RustSeal. BlackTop is offered in an aerosol or as a liquid in 8-ounces, a pint, quart, gallon or five-gallons and is made in the USA.

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