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Fuel Curve’s Holiday Gift Guide! A Mashup of Man Goods

Black Friday is upon us and its time our first annual Fuel Curve Holiday Gift Guide. Time to face the Christmas music! Mall parking lots have become war zones, people are rioting over $199 televisions and you’re putting off the dreaded trip to the retail rumble. No worries. We gotcha covered. Let us ease your anxiety and share some gift ideas for the car guys in your family. We put some time into this Holiday Gift Guide, scouring the World Wide Web in search of great gifts under $300 so you can stay away from mall madness and click your way through your Christmas list. It’s our gift to our loyal readers! Merry Christmas Fuelers!

Pin Up Flask – $29

Holiday Gift Guide, Fuel CurveWhiskey makes you wise it was once said. Warm your heart and soul with a tug off this rad Lucky 7 pin up flask from Trixie and Milo available on Etsy. It holds 8oz of the sweet nectar and is sure to come in handy at the car show. They’re slim enough to fit snugly in your waist or chest pocket. Drink in style then discreetly stash your supply! A must have for the motor minded whiskey connoisseur! Get it here.

Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit – $24

Holiday Gift Guide, Fuel Curve
Here’s a box of shiny goodness car enthusiasts shouldn’t be without. For the price, you could give one to all your family members and next door neighbors! Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit comes with everything you’ll need to keep your whip looking fresh no matter what you drive. The bountiful box comes with wash, detail and wax products for the exterior side of things plus detailer for the cabin to keep it factory fresh. Shine it before ya drive it! Buy now.

Steampunk Zippo Lighter – $90

Holiday Gift Guide, Fuel Curve A Steampunk-inspired engraved Zippo lighter finished in Zippo’s Armor Antique Copper finish? Yes please! It really doesn’t even matter if you smoke or not – this lighter is bitchin’! Not only that, it comes with Zippo’s Lifetime Warranty, and its windproof so you can light up whatever you’re smoking or lighting in blustery conditions. We don’t know about you but we like to keep cool stuff in our Dickie’s pockets. It doesn’t come cooler than a classic retro Zippo lighter. Buy one.

Chronograph Black Stainless Steel Watch – $165

Holiday Gift Guide, Fuel Curve
As affordable watches go, Fossil has their stuff together. This black stainless quartz chronograph watch is manly, bold and perfect for the car guy in your family. Handy features include a stopwatch function (for timing those backroad quarter mile sprints), and very rugged 24mm stainless straps which can last a good long while if properly cared for. The dial numbers are also clean, large and simple for those with visual challenges. As watches go, you would be hard pressed to find a better looking, hi-quality watch in this price range. Order one.

Do it with DeWalt – $229

Holiday Gift Guide, Fuel Curve
Christmas time is tool time so why not go with a trusted and durable DeWalt Impact Wrench? This lil’ hot rod right here has no less than 700lb-ft pounds of fastening torque generated from its cordless Lithium Ion battery. That’s more torque than 60% of the cars have at your favorite show. The ½” anvil with detent pin is perfect for both automotive applications as well as any household project. For the visibly challenged, it comes with a potent LED light to shed light on whatever you’re screwing. Perfect right? Order here

Moal Hot Rod Hat – $95

Holiday Gift Guide, Fuel Curve
Help your hot rodder make a motoring statement with this unique novelty hot rod hat from Moal Cochbuilders in Oakland, CA. The hat, which comes in white so you can add your own colors, stripes or lettering, is ideal for cruisin’ or collecting. Recapture the verve, style and flair of motor racing’s golden age with this hat. The Moal novelty hot rod hat is complete with adjustable leather neck shield and chin strap. You can also order their goggles to channel your inner Sterling Moss. Buy yours.

Best Made Front Loading Toolbox – $98

Holiday Gift Guide, Fuel CurveHandmade and hand spot-welded right here in America, Best Made Co’s front load toolbox adds a vintage flair to any car guy’s shop or garage. Available is a wide array of powder coated colors, the toolbox is revolutionary in that they designed a toolbox that would do away with this extra step: with the front loading door you can access all your tools without having to grapple with the top tray. Heavy duty handles on top and the sides make it easy to move around the shop, load in the truck etc. We dig its clean, classic and timeless design. Order here.

Personalized Oak Whiskey Barrel – $85-$200

Holiday Gift Guide, Fuel CurveNow here’s something the whiskey connoisseur in your life doesn’t have – a personalized oak whiskey barrel in which to pour that sweet nectar. More than just a novelty, this miniature oak barrel ages spirits to peak flavor, just like its full-sized siblings found in professional distilleries. Before using you’ll need to “cure” it for 3-5 days which is no biggie. It comes with the tap and is Handmade by Coopers in Manassas, Virginia. Up your whiskey game! Buy now.

Spark Plug Plane Paperweight – $35

Holiday Gift Guide, Fuel CurveDesigned and handmade by recycled scrap metal artist Brian Mock, this spark plug airplane paperweight is the perfect gift for your handyman’s office or shop. Made from recycled spark plugs, butter knives, nuts and bolts, this must-have gift is welded together to make a mini airplane sure to spark a gearhead conversation. Kids will love it as well as adults. It’s cool, creative and eco-friendly handmade from Oregon delivered right to your door. Buy yours.

Dixxon Flannel “Pismo” Shirt – $60

Holiday Gift Guide, Fuel Curve Baby its cold outside and we have the solution with Dixxon Flannel’s “Pismo” shirt. Made with Dixxon’s signature D-Tech™ material, this handsome long sleeve flannel is constructed with a special poly blend which is breathable for spring and fall, yet durable and warm enough for those winter roadster runs. Based in Tempe, Arizona, Dixxon Flannel is owned and operated by hot rod, bike and squarebody truck enthusiasts who speak “our language.” They have a ton of options with their other flannels, along with hats, gloves and seriously cool swag. Order your Pismo flannel here.

Lobel’s USDA Prime Dry-Aged Porterhouse Steak – $170

Holiday Gift Guide, Fuel Curve
What man doesn’t like red meat? Here is the mother lode of shippable, prime grade, dry-aged steaks – A 48oz Porterhouse. That’s three pounds of beautiful beef. Why so expensive? Because it’s basically like butter. Here’s what you do with this bad boy – you give it to your man as a Christmas gift, then maybe save it to grill up on New Year’s Eve. Incredibly well marbled, its two steaks in one with the New York strip on one side and a prime filet on the other – perfect for two or three meat eaters. How good is it? Take a minute to read the reviews. Order your meat marvel Order Here.

Speedway’s Original Hollywood Wolf Whistle – $50

Holiday Gift Guide, Fuel Curve
Give your hot rod the ultimate nostalgic touch with Speedway Motors’ original Hollywood Wolf Whistle. With its time tested, smile-inducing hi-pitched sound its guaranteed to bring some fun to your adventures. Speedway offers the novelty item in hi-grade die casting with a hammer-tone finish. The unit attaches to the vacuum source on any carbureted (non-fuel injected/non-computer controlled) engine. If you have an old school hot rod – give it a whistle! Order yours.

Sterling Silver Gear Shift Cufflinks – $137

Holiday Gift Guide, Gear Shift Cufflinks, Fuel Curve
At times, the performance enthusiast in your life will need to ditch the coveralls and get spiffed up. We can’t think of a better accessory than these super rad sterling silver gear shift cufflinks. Being silver they will pretty much go with any shirt and are sure to cast a “this guy knows what’s up” vibe when they’re in view. They are approximately ¾” in diameter – not too big and not too small. Just right! Buy yours.

Gotham Wool Blend Newsboy Cap – $25

Holiday Gift Guide, Fuel CurveNewsboy caps adorned America’s youth on 1920s and 30s city streets as the kids screamed the headlines to a news-hungry society. Remember when everyone read newspapers? When Tom Medley doodled Stroker McGurk in the early 50s, Newsboy hats became known to hot rodders worldwide as “Stroker” Caps. They’re just as popular today. And they’re incredibly affordable like this tweed wool version available from San Diego’s Village Hat Shop. Get one for your next road trip! Order here.

Chef Knife Making Kit – $179

Holiday Gift Guide, Fuel Curve
While MacGyver made did what he could with coat hangers and chewing gum, the Chef Knife Making Kit opts for sharper, more dependable materials. Forged of VG-10 Damascus steel, the mere sight of this blade will cause a steak to carve itself out of fear. The stylish Micarta handles are ready to be sculpted into personalized, palm-gripping perfection. The finished product will be as intricately layered as a fennel/avocado party dip, and every bit as distinctive as the chef who made it. Buy Yours.

Chippewa Service Boot – $280

The “Original Chippewa” collection reflects the authenticity and heritage of American craftsmanship while creating timeless silhouettes for a modern American style. We worked with Chippewa at every step of the production process to craft this special edition of their classic Service Boot in one of the softest, most comfortable leathers we’ve ever slipped on. With a resoleable Goodyear welt and durable Vibram sole, this boot is boss. Buy Now.

Hello Chris – $225

Sorry Alexa, there’s another driving assistant who’s ready to roll. His name is Chris. Officially, he’s the world’s first “co-driver.” He’s an A.I.-powered passenger who will manage your messages, take and end calls, control your music, and even follow navigation while you stay focused on the road. Using speech recognition & gesture control, Chris learns more the more you use him. This heads-up mounted smart device takes just minutes to install and is compatible with any car. Pre-Order Yours.

Star Wars Kettlebells – From $149

The strength and performance innovators at Onnit have created a new line of workout gear for Padawan and Jedi Masters alike so you can get buffed while geeking out. Their new official Star Wars workout collection includes a 20-pound, 10-inch diameter Death Star medicine ball, a moisture-wicking, no-slip Han Solo yoga mat, and a collection of kettle bells: Boba Fett at 50 pounds, an Imperial Storm Trooper at 60 pounds, and Darth Vader at a vein-popping 70 pounds. Welcome to the dark side! Buy Yours.

Fender Wireless Speakers – From $199

Borrowing classic design details from its line of legendary guitar amps, these new speakers are Fender’s first wireless offering. The 120 watt Monterey speaker features a quad-driver system with two woofers & two tweeters. The compact 30 watt Newport model offers crisp full range concert sound with a tri-driver setup. Both offer AAC and aptX wireless audio codec support for pure clear sound. They’re also equipped with a pair of RCA jacks & a 3.5mm aux input for plugging in analog devices. Order Yours.

So there you have it, the Fuel Curve Holiday Gift Guide. Get out your plastic and make this Christmas fantastic! Happy Holidays to you and yours!