Over-The-Top Holiday Gift Guide!

As car guys, we know we’re not easy to shop for. We usually treat ourselves to car parts, tools, and fun garage gadgets throughout the year as we need them. And many of the things we dream about one day having in our garage usually go beyond the appropriate price range to expect as a “gift.” But what if we could daydream, just for a moment, and come up with a wish list of some of those big-ticket purchases? Sounds fun, right?

We reached out to a few like-minded friends and compiled a list of items that have been weighing on our minds for a few years…but we understand the reality of them are way down the road (if we’re lucky) and completely ridiculous for someone to give, or receive, as a gift.

Check out the items below to see what puts us in “dream mode.” What gets you there?

miller tig welder, dynasty 800 welderMiller Welder – Dynasty 800

The Dynasty 800 TIG welder from Miller is extremely powerful, yet compact, weighing in at 370 pounds. It can weld materials up to 1-inch thick (steel and/or aluminum) which is overkill for a hot rod garage…but go big or go home, right? The adjustability is seemingly endless with this machine, including total arc control which provides maximum productivity and weld quality while conserving energy compared to traditional welding machines.

For $19,606 you can get the Dynasty 800 machine, Coolmate 3.5 cooling system, the runner cart, a Weldcraft W-400 water-cooled torch kit, 4 gallons of coolant, wired foot control, and a Miller quick reference guide.


Advantage Lifts – “Big AL”

If you’ve ever done your own work on a vehicle, you have certainly dreamed about having a car lift in your shop or garage. No more laying on your back, no more oil in your eyes, no more floor jacks and jack stands…no more hassle! Advantage Lift’s “Big AL” is their “big boy” 4-post lift with a capacity of 11,000 pounds – it will barely notice your hot rod or muscle car is even on it!

advantage lifts big al, dually car lift

Safety is key with vehicle lifts and the “Big AL” lift has a built-in secondary safety lock system as well as an anti-surge valve in the cylinder, manual release locks (the most reliable and safest locking system), and keepers on the pulleys to keep the cables from slipping. “Big AL” needs a minimum 4-inch concrete foundation and comes with a price tag of just under $5,000.


Barrett-Jackson Auction – 1969 Chevrolet Blazer K5 Custom SUV

You see these car commercials on TV where a new car is sitting in the driveway with a big bow wrapped around it…and we’d be fine with that if the bow was wrapped around this ’69 K5 Blazer and the “To:” tag had our name on it. This Blazer certainly won’t find its way in our driveway anytime soon, but it will have a new home once Barrett-Jackson has their Scottsdale auction in the spring of 2021.

barrett-jackson k5 blazer

This Blazer began as a rust-free body that was perfectly metal worked before being sprayed with PPG Toyota Quicksand and Mercedes-Benz Cirrus White two-tone paint. A 6.0 LS engine delivers power to 17-inch KMC beadlock wheels wrapped with 37-inch BFGoodrich KM3 rubber. The chassis was equipped with 8-lug Dana axles along with FOX 2.0 shocks. Stopping power is provided by 4-wheel Wilwood disc brakes that come backed by CPP Hydroboost. It’s listed at “No Reserve” when it rolls across the block, but this is definitely a “daydream” build.


Don Hardy Racing Engines – 418 Blower

We like Don Hardy’s engine package names – straight to the point, no fuss, not trying to oversell. “418 Blower” – Bam! You know right away it’s a 418 cubic inch engine with a huffer sitting on top. Good enough to grab our attention.

don hardy lsa engine, blown lsa engine

Upon further reading, this package starts with an LSA block that’s been stuffed with all the goods. Honed and decked torque plate, LS3 CNC ported heads, LS9 sodium filled exhaust valves, LS9 titanium intake valves, PAC valve springs, ARP hardware, LS7 lifters and trays, Clevite bearings, Melling oil pump, Magnuson blower, and tons of DHRC parts including push rods, windage tray, forged 6.125 rods, 4.080 pistons, camshaft, and valve covers. The combo produces a dyno-proven 800 horsepower and the price? Well…you need to call Don Hardy for that information.


Pole Barn Building – Shop Goals

This may be the most ridiculous “gift” item on this list…but that’s exactly the idea behind it! We’ve all dreamed about a personal shop to house all of our toys. Maybe carve out a section for a bar hangout? Add a pool table, some vintage pinball machines, a couple dart boards? This is your daydream, imagine it however you’d like!

pole barn building

Now assuming you have the land, a stable and smooth concrete foundation, and electrical and plumbing options available…then technically someone can “gift” you a shop. There’s many pole barn building companies out there offering standard building sizes, as well as custom-built options. Prices vary according to size, but you’re looking at a minimum $15k just for materials and installation/setup. How cool would this be?!


Toy Hauler – Game Changer

Toy Hauler have advanced drastically over the years beginning with dirtbikes and quads in mind, to now offering sizes that can haul a Jeep! We’ve seen a few Toy Haulers roll to Goodguys events in recent years and unload a muscle car out of the back. This Game Changer toy hauler by ATC surely lives up to its name.

game changer toy hauler

The Game Changer offers an industry-first configurable furniture track system that allows you to easily move or remove your furniture to accommodate your needs. An all-aluminum frame prevents rust and rot, is 1.9 times stronger than industry standard steel, and is lighter which allows for more towing capacity. You can custom-build your trailer with a standard receiver hitch, or as a 5th wheel setup. This looks like the proper way to haul your toys!


Brookville Roadster – Brand New ‘32

It doesn’t matter if you’re a dedicated truck guy, a Chevy bowtie fanatic, or a Hot Rodder with a huge collection. The appeal of a brand new, fresh-steel ’32 Ford Roadster body from Brookville has crossed your mind at one point or time. First introduced in 1997, the ’32 Roadster body by Brookville went on to revolutionize the street rodding industry. Panels are constructed from the same gauge steel as an original ’32 Ford and each Brookville panel is interchangeable with an original body.

brookville 1932 ford body

Brookville bodies are hand assembled by master metal craftsmen and built to specification. The ’32 Roadster body comes completely assembled with subframe, floor pans, cowl section, doors and decklid. Brookville also offers a ’32 Lakester Roadster as well as a ’32 Phanton that was designed by Chip Foose, on top of their other offerings including ’28-’31 Roadsters, ’32 3-window, and ’28-’32 Roadster Pickup bodies.


Snap-On – Portable Tools

Do we need a toolbox that can hold 16,000 pounds? Most likely, no. Can we imagine how cool it would be to have one? Absolutely! Snap-on offers their Double-Bank EPIQ Utility Vehicle with SpeeDrawer and PowerLocker for $29,995. How cool is it that they call it a Utility Vehicle?! Not a toolbox or a tool chest…a Utility Vehicle! Weighing in at 2,373 pounds, the EPIQ Utility Vehicle comes with 17-inch wheels with a 5-lug bolt pattern. The PowerLocker is designed for all your power tool charging needs with (5) outlets and (2) USB ports.

snap on rolling tool box

This thing is built like a tank, with the smoothness of a Tesla. The EPIQ strength and styling delivers more load capacity featuring a combination of traditional corner gussets and standing seam construction with additional top, bottom, and side support. Snap-on’s InPulse Drawer Action features flush-finish drawers that reduce snag points while also offering uncompromising strength that are easier to open, easier to close, and don’t drift open.


WilburCo Watch – Launch Edition

A passion for pushing the limits of design and engineering bred an astonishing timepiece beyond any spec that’s been realized before. Born in California and created by award-winning designer Jason Wilbur, the Wilbur Launch Edition watch merges space-age engineering with true automotive inspiration. The company’s first offering is a transformative timepiece with a modular chassis system and unmatched craftsmanship, finishing, and technical details.

The 9-part case was engineered to allow for a modular construction so unique pieces and limited series could be simply constructed from the core components. 250 pieces of each Launch Edition were made. All Launch Edition pieces are individually numbered for a true one-off design.


Proslat – Fusion Series

Fusion by definition is the result of joining two things together to form a single entity. Proslat’s goal with their Fusion Series cabinets was to combine the functionality of a tool chest with the storage capabilities of a cabinet set. Manufactured from solid 18-gauge steel, then finished in a durable black satin powder-coat, all Fusion cabinets come fully welded which dramatically reduces installation times and ensures cabinets stay square.

proslat garage cabinets

All Proslat cabinets come in a satin black powder-coat base but the handles and kick plates are available in six different colors for your personal customization. A wide range of kits are available ranging from a 5-piece set starting at $1,800 up to the full 14-piece set around $5,000-$6,000+ depending on options.


Buffalo Trace – Vintage O.F.C. 1995

We toured the Buffalo Trace distillery back in 2018 during the Goodguys Kentucky Nationals event in Lexington on Thursday’s Hot Rod Cruise and were extremely impressed with the process, and the history of the facility which dates back to 1773!

buffalo trace OFC 1995

Straight bourbon whiskey must be aged in oak for at least two years, but these O.F.C. releases matured much longer. Recipe and age will vary by vintage, but many are expected to mature for twenty years or more. Barrels are evaluated regularly, and some whiskey will be removed from the barrels as taste reaches the peak of flavor. Each hand-cut crystal bottle is vintage-dated according to the specific year in which the bourbon was distilled. Only 1,500 bottles of the O.F.C 1995 are expected to hit the shelves this December (2020) with a suggested retail price of $2,500.


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