Goodguys Customs, Fuel Curve

Goodguys Customs on Stage in Pleasanton

The Goodguys Customs were on stage during last weekend’s 36th annual All American Get-Together at the Pleasanton fairgrounds. We’re talking radical customs, mild customs, new age customs and old school customs.

The central theme was the competition for Goodguys 2018 Street Rod HQ Custom of the Year. A National field of cars was gathered together with heavyweights Chris Carlson of Kansas, Tom Anderson on Indiana and Marcos Garcia from Pittsburgh – just about 30 miles up the road. While the BIG 3 were the headliners, the building was chalk full of massaged metal.

The customs were elaborately painted, nosed, decked, frenched, sectioned, flaked and laced. Wire wheels, Caddy caps, solids and steelies were nestled into the fenderwells of these slick sleds while the building lights above trickled off the mile deep paint jobs. It was a site to behold!

The “Satan’s Angles” car club came out and repped with at least 20 customs of their own. Goodguys honored them as the weekend’s featured car club. From Ron Brooks’ 1940 Chevy to Frank Livingston’s ’56 Oldsmobile to Darryl Hollenbeck’s ’50 Merc the entire west side of the exhibit building was flush with Angels.

Goodguys Customs, Fuel Curve

Customized cars and lead sleds like these are few and far between these days. With track cars, Pro-Touring cars, muscle cars and hot rods trending hard, old school custom stylists are to be admired for preserving their craft even though the number of them doing this work is limited.

You’re hard pressed to find a better looking group of cars. These customs are wild and way cool. So who won the big award? You’ll have to click over to the Goodguys web site Monday afternoon for the full scoop!

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