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Fuel Curve Top 10 of 2022 – #1 A Collection of Winning Deuces from the Goodguys Top 12 Awards

Editor’s Note: The holiday season always seems to bring out traditions. A tradition that we’ve enjoyed the past few years, and will continue this year, is a Top 10 countdown of the 10 most popular stories that our readers read that were published in 2022.

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#1 A Collection of Winning Deuces from the Goodguys Top 12 Awards

2022 was the Year of the Deuce – it marked the 90th anniversary of the 1932 Ford, affectionately known as the Deuce to hot rodders around the world. Long considered the quintessential hot rod, no vehicle has had a bigger influence on the hobby than the ’32 Ford.

Goodguys (and many others) celebrated the Deuce in a variety of ways throughout the 2022 event season. Back in June we thought we’d start by taking a look back at some winning Deuces – ’32 Fords that have won coveted Goodguys Top 12 Of the Year awards through the decades. The cars showcased here are some of the biggest trendsetters and coolest ’32s from the past quarter century. Even better, they all still look bitchin’ today. After all, a Deuce never really goes out of style.

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