Dinos Git Down 2017, Chevy only, Fuel Curve

Dinos Git Down 2017 – Chevy’s Only!

For anyone who has never been to or heard of Dinos Git Down, it represents everything great about America. Good people, seeing friends you already know and friends you’re about to make. Local businesses supporting the event and a sea of sick Chevy C10’s at every turn. The Chevy-only trucks are the draw, but the people and the vibe here make it special.Dinos Git Down 2017, Chevy only, Fuel Curve

The host, Dino Battilana (A.K.A. Mr. Chevy Only), is an icon in the Chevy C-10 world as well as being one of the coolest kats you’ll ever meet. The idea behind Dinos Git Down started when he decided to invite a few of his friends from close and far away to chill and relax the Friday evening of the last Goodguys event on the schedule in Scottsdale, Arizona. Then on Saturday morning they saddle up and convoy over to attend the show in style.

Dino's Git Down 2017, Chevy C-10, Fuel CurveDinos Git Down 2017, Chevy only, Fuel CurveIt didn’t take long for word of this event to spread like wildfire. With old and young alike shackled to their phones following social media sites and the cult-like following Chevy truck guys have for their rides, it was apparent this was the event to be seen and to be seen at. It’s not uncommon to see people from all over the country as well as the world show up to check out the atmosphere. We saw Jason Hill’s clan from Texas and some other far reachers like the black ’66 from Missouri you see below.


Dinos Git Down 2017, Chevy only, Fuel CurveDino's Git Down 2017, Chevy C-10, Fuel Curve

You’ll find no judges here, or awards handed out at the end of the day but what you will find is people with a common love, desire, and admiration for other people and the trucks they have built. Whether it’s slammed to the ground on bags, set up on coil-overs, static dropped or lifted to the clouds on leaf springs there’s a good chance you’ll see something that will whet your appetite.

Dinos Git Down 2017, Chevy only, Fuel CurveDino's Git Down 2017, Chevy C-10, Fuel Curve

Vendors, local vendors, in particular, have always been an integral part of Dinos Git Down. None more so than local Chevy dealership Midway Chevrolet who raffled off an LS9 crate engine with all the goodies. For $100 a ticket you could walk away with a $24,000 grand prize. Whether you were selling or buying shirts, hats, stickers, artwork, or suspension components you could find something for the C10 enthusiast.Dinos Git Down 2017, Chevy only, Fuel Curve

Dinos Git Down 2017, Chevy only, Fuel CurveDinos Git Down 2017, Chevy only, Fuel Curve

The Git Down is like having a big family reunion except that everyone in your family likes each other and drives a bad ass Chevy truck. And there’s no fee to attend! Viewing the craftsmanship and fabrication skills of these truly talented builders and owners is a treat. Dino willingly opens his arms and doors to his appliance service shop at 4111 N 18th Pl, Phoenix, AZ to make this great event happen annually. Thanks Dino!

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