GM Paradise! 2023 Dino’s Git Down

By now, anyone into the truck scene has heard of Dino’s Git Down. How could you not have at this point? If your appetite for trucks includes short beds, long beds, Blazers, Suburbans, modern chassis, barn finds, LS and diesel swaps, new and old parts alike, wheels, so on and so forth then this is your ‘all you can eat buffet’ of everything GM trucks! Anything and everything from mild to wild will be at Dino’s, that’s a fact. The question is, do you have enough time during this two day show to see everything it has to offer?

That may be a silly question to some, but there’s so much to see at the Git Down that you typically don’t get to see everything sprawled outside State Farm Stadium (home of the Arizona Cardinals) in beautiful, always sunny Glendale, Arizona. Anything from lifted to lowered and old to new is here for your viewing pleasure and with over 130 vendors attending this year’s event, Dino’s is the place to be if you want to know the latest in the truck market.

Dino was able to expand the event space even more in 2023 which in turn provided a cruising lane for the show trucks. Last year, food trucks were lacking at the event but this year there were 14 different food trucks in attendance to feed and hydrate everyone. If food trucks aren’t your thing, you could post up with your own EZ-UP and do all the grilling yourself on the huge grass area that’s typically designated for tailgating on football Sundays.

The vendor area at the Git Down is littered with row after row of the most known and recognized show trucks, world class builders, cutting edge technology, and all the merchandise your wallet can afford. The vendor rows are also structured in a way that similar companies are placed in the same area as another. So, if you’re in the market for wheels let’s say, all the wheel manufacturers are in the same area so you don’t have to walk around searching for that one wheel company. Chevrolet Performance, Blueprint Engines, Summit Racing and Courtesy Chevrolet collectively gave away three LS3 engines just by entering a free raffle.

Aside from all the insanely built trucks that the vendors have displayed in their booths, there is also an area dedicated to the Top 100 trucks. In a sea of thousands of GM trucks, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at the size and scope of this event. However, what ends up happening is you run into people you know or maybe you’re meeting for the first time that you’ve only corresponded with on your favorite social media platform. That’s what this show does. It brings the classic truck community together.

Dino’s Git Down keeps growing and getting bigger year after year, yet Dino and his volunteer staff, still manage to pull it off. Check out some of the trucks that caught our eye at the 2023 Git Down this past November!

2023 Dino’s Git Down Photo Extra!

Photos by Terry Lysak & Steven Bunker

Born and raised in New York, it wasn't until Terry moved to Arizona that his love for photography and vehicles merged into a passion. Terry has always photographed vehicles since he was young but it wasn't until he started shooting autocross at Goodguys Rod & Custom Association events that led to more opportunities. Since then, he's covered various motorsport events and worked with corporations within the performance market. Terry has always had a love for trucks and has owned several, including lifted and lowered ones. Currently, he's working on finishing his 1972 F-100 Flareside.